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  • Red Mountain's texture files contain two unused greenish "ghost" textures.
Sonic's Red Mountain (Act 1)
  • The camera is very broken in this level - it has a tendency to take angles that make it hard to see what's ahead, clip through level geometry, clip through Sonic's model, and rapidly glitch out when springs are used.
  • There is no lighting in this act.
  • Sonic's spawn point is in midair over what his spawn point is in the final.
  • There are three Kikis on the crates at the beginning. In the final, one of them is instead on the ground to the left of the crates.
  • The ? ring box on a platform that you see taking the first rocket is replaced with a 10 ring box in the final.
  • Dropping down from the first hanging ladder is an area with a circle of seven rings, a Sol, and a rocket. In the final, the circle of rings was replaced instead with two squares of four rings.
  • The line of rings after the hanging ladder has five rings instead of the final's three.
  • Before the first checkpoint is a crate with two Kikis and a line of five rings. These enemies were removed and the line of rings only has three rings in the final.
  • The first checkpoint is placed slightly farther back in this build.
  • There is no hint orb at the first rocket that requires a switch.
  • The tower that the player can land on from this rocket is missing its spring.
  • After the small tunnel in this section, there is a Kiki alongside the Sol. In the final, just the Sol is here.
  • The ground after the tunnel has strange physics, making Sonic accelerate.
  • Under the collapsing platform near the second checkpoint is a spring that is not present in the final.
  • The bridge objects in this level have green railings instead of brown and their bodies are bright red, made more garish by the lack of lighting in this act. They also lack poles to attach their railings to, so they look like they're floating in midair.
  • The area across the bridge is lacking two of its spike balls and there is some extra fencing to the right.
  • The top of the mountain after the second checkpoint is missing its spring and item boxes.
  • The area at the first zipline station has a Sol that is not present in the final, and the platforms at the back of the mountain are arranged slightly differently.
  • The zipline station's animation loop is much faster than in the final.
  • There is no item box along the zipline path.
  • When Sonic takes the first zipline, the camera is positioned in front of him, and also clips through level geometry while following him. In the final, it is behind him, like a sane camera. The cut to a side shot of Sonic before he lands is still present here, however.
  • The end of this zipline segment has Spinners that are not present in the final, and the item box that is after the spring is missing.
  • The object layout after the first collapsing bridge segment is different:
    • The Spinners are on the ground. In the final, they are arranged in the air to be a homing attack path.
    • There are two platforms: one with a spring pointing to the second platform. In the final, there are three platforms that are arranged as such so the player has to do platforming; the first of these has a 1-up and the spring is gone. The third platform in the final is the same as the second platform in his build.
    • The ground is missing two dead tree objects, and the fences are set farther away from the edge of the geometry.
  • The area leading up to the rocket in this section has four extra crates and an extra Kiki, with an extra 10-ring box. In the final, there is just one box and one Kiki here.
  • Close to the rocket are two crates and a lava geyser. In the final, this is instead a skull flamethrower object and a 1-up.
  • There is a jump pad before the segment where you have to vertically climb a sequence of seesaws. In the final, there's a hint orb here instead.
  • The distance the three springs in the portion of the level near the end, where you have to hit a switch that's under one of the hammer obstacles to get a rocket, is off and will send Sonic past the metal flooring he needs to land on.
  • There is no ring capsule in the air when you're using these springs.
  • The last checkpoint of the act is missing.
  • There is no extra life before where the act's final checkpoint would be.
  • There is no Kiki before the bars during the last part of the act.
  • One of the sets of bars (the third one, in the middle) is missing, but there are rings on the rock below it that are not present in the final. As a result, the player has to use a homing attack or a long jump to get to the next set.
  • All the bars in this portion are missing rings below them.
  • The player can walk on the sides of the top of the mountain in this version. In the final, there is an invisible wall preventing this.
  • Before the act's final zipline, there are firebreathing skull objects. In the final, there are just rings at this location. The Spinners found here in the final are also missing.
  • There is no ring capsule during the act's final zipline ride.
  • The transition to Act 2 is rough and buggy - the game cuts to Sonic falling into Act 2's layout before he enters the trapdoor entrance, and the camera when he enters Act 2 is outside of the level's geometry, making it impossible to see him.
Sonic's Red Mountain (Act 2)
  • Like with Act 1, the camera in this stage is immensely broken and favors showing the outside of the level geometry instead of the level itself.
  • If the player enters Act 2 via normal means (via Act 1), the lighting will still be missing. If the player dies or enters via the level select, the lighting will be loaded in.
  • Instead of Sonic falling a short distance to the floor like in the final, he falls all the way from the top of the entrance.
  • The camera is much closer to Sonic when he hits the checkpoint. The checkpoint is also closer to the entrance's back wall.
  • There is no shield capsule before the first set of Spinners.
  • In the section where Sonic can run on the wall, there is a 1-up on a rock to the left that is not present in the final.
  • After the Spinners and Kikis, there is a vertical chunk of rock that is not present in the final. Instead, it's a flat outcropping in the final game.
  • The lava rising timing is off during this part of the stage - it will start rising before hitting the large area with the lava geysers; when the player reaches the act's second checkpoint, the lava has risen enough to almost overtake the platform the checkpoint is on. In the final there isn't a cue for the lava to rise at this part.
  • The camera completely breaks when Sonic uses the springs after the act's second checkpoint.
  • The lava does not rise to overtake the ground under the rock platforms that fall over until after Sonic has passed that section.
  • There are no enemies near the rock platforms, making them much harder to traverse in this version of the level.
  • There is a spring after the rock platforms. Unfortunately, this area is usually covered in lava, so the player never sees it...but the homing attack can select it, which naturally means that the player will get hurt by the lava in the process.
  • The animation loop for the machine in the background during the second platforming section is much faster.
  • The large platform has a large crate arrangement and a few Kikis on it - in the final there are only a few crates and a couple of Sols.
  • The 10 ring box behind the crates is moved to the right and is instead a ? ring box in the final.
  • There are two Sols on the platform next to the cells - in the final there is only one.
  • There is no light booster shortcut to the end of the level at the beginning of the final platforming section.
  • In the level's final platforming section, there are two Spinners not present in the final. The line of rings near the collapsing platforms are also missing, and another line of rings close by has five rings instead of the final's three.
  • There is inexplicably a crate breathing fire (likely a crate that was placed over a firebreathing skull object). In the final, there is a spike ball here instead.
  • A line of rings interects with the dash panels that throw the player into the air. In the final, these are moved farther forward for this reason.
  • There is no ring capsule when Sonic is thrown into the air by the dash panels.
  • Before the final hallway to the end of the stage, there are two ? ring boxes missing where a 10 ring box currently is.
  • The gauntlets of firebreathing skull objects after the final checkpoint have none that are positioned above ground level - which means that the player can basically just homing attack over them.
  • The top of the cavern at the end of the level lacks a texture (appearing as completely white), as do the decorative spider creatures (who also appear as completely white).
  • The end of the level where the end capsule is doesn't completely transition from indoor assets to outdoor assets - as a result, the earlier parts of the level (or rather, just the lava due to draw distance) are visible when Sonic is falling down to the capsule due to the lack of the white fog and the skybox looks completely black. When the camera is angled upward at Sonic after he opens the end capsule, however, the outdoor skybox and white fog is visible (before vanishing again when the camera angles downwards while waiting for the game to perform a nonexistent score tally).
Knuckles' Red Mountain
  • This level is actually the version from the TGS build of the game. It has an in-level tutorial for how Knuckles plays and contains a lot of hint balls, and the emerald shards are always in the same places. These locations are:
    • Directly in front of the initial spawn point;
    • Underground at the area Sonic lands after using the jump panels;
    • Near the falling spike ball in the area just after Sonic's first zipline sequence.
  • The starting area has three rings. In the final, there are six rings and a hint ball.
  • In front of the starting area is a floating line of four rings. In the final, this is a 10 ring box.
  • At the line of Spinners near the starting area, there is a hint ball that is not present in the final.
  • This line of Spinners has four of them. In the final this is a line of three.
  • There are three hint balls near the shard at the starting point:
    • One is next to the shard;
    • One is on the bridge;
    • One is on the other side of the bridge. This one actually got moved to Knuckles' Speed Highway in the final.
  • On the top of a mountain behind the starting point is another hint ball that is not present in the final.
  • To the right of the starting point is a tall mountain that has two spike balls and a hint ball on top of it. In the final, it is three spike balls in a triangluar formation and a 10-ring box instead.
  • A line of rings on the path to the rocket at the bottom of the mountain are not present in the final.
  • The rocket that needs to be activated by a switch in Sonic's version of the level still has to be activated here too. In the final, the rocket is already activated and the switch itself is replaced by a square of four rings.
  • Knuckles' respawn point after a restart is the location of the first shard. In the final, his original spawn point is used instead.
  • A 10 ring box and an invincibility box are missing on the side of the mountain below the area with the rocket.
  • At the top of the mountain are three hint balls. In the final, one was removed, and the other two are in different locations.
  • The zipline platform is empty in this version. In the final, there is a Kiki and a circle of rings.
  • A 10 ring box opposite the seesaw platforms is missing.
  • Underneath the collapsing platform after the first ziplne section is a firebreathing skull that is not present in the final.
  • A Spinner was moved from over a pit to near the collapsing platform section. They also got changed from three enemies to one.
  • Near this area, a Kiki was replaced by a Sol in the final.
  • Tikal's hints exclusive to this build are:
    • 困った時は私を探してみて。(If you are confused, try to look for me.)
    • L.Rボタンで カメラをまわすことができるわよ (You can rotate the camera with the L and R buttons)
E-102 Gamma's Red Mountain
  • This is one of the levels demonstrated in the autodemo loop.
  • The wall at the beginning of the level has three targets. In the final, there are four.
  • There are no Kikis on ledges like there are in the final - the enemy placement is more bare.
  • There are no decorative spider objects hanging from the alcove the extra life is in.
  • At the first fork, there are fences and fire traps that are not present in the final.
  • There is no shield box after the forked path.
  • There are no enemies or objects before Gamma enters the room with the sideways ramp path. In the final, there are a few of those bat enemies and a shield.
  • Gamma seems to "stick" more to the sideways ramp path than in the final.
  • The four Spinners after the sideways ramp room are in a slightly different arrangement.
  • The wall leading into the next open area has two targets. In the final, there are three.
  • When Gamma enters the first gigantic room of the stage, the camera just cuts to a sideways position. In the final, it follows behind Gamma into the room and zooms out.
  • The first set of enemies in this room has no item boxes with them.
  • The platform to the right has lava geyser objects and is impassable, and is also shorter than in the final. In the final, there are two Kikis and it is a flat space.
  • The item box on said platform is up front. In the final it is pushed back, behind the two Kikis.
  • The gigantic rock arch and the checkpoint are set up past the platform here. In the final, they are more adjacent to it, probably because the platform is larger than in the prototype.
  • The camera just cuts to a higher shot of Gamma after going through the checkpoint. In the final, the camera is still following Gamma around behind him.
  • The layout is made entirely of black rock after the checkpoint. In the final, the walkable ground transitions from the black rock to some brown rock.
  • There is a hint ball before the level's boss.
  • E-104's boss fight is largely intact (see above, in the Bosses section).
  • Tikal's hints in this level are:
    • どこかに隠れた通路があるはず。 探してみて。(There should be a hidden passageway somewhere. Try looking for it.)
    • ダイナマイトを壊せば 先に進めるわよ (If you destroy the dynamite you can continue on ahead)
    • These are not present in this level in the final, due to Red Mountain being a mid-story level for Gamma in the final game.


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