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  • All of its landtables crash level viewers. The game will also crash if the player attempts to access it from the level select.
  • Extracting the level geometry itself shows some minor changes:
    • The monkey cave near the entrance to the Chao Garden has a different shape.
    • The ledge where Sonic can find the Ancient Light upgrade is missing.
    • The bridge to the Master Emerald shrine is of a slightly different shape.

Other than these changes, the level geometry is the same is the final.

  • Contained in this build is the file ADV02OBJ.PRS. This is object/code data for this adventure field - in the final, this code is within ADV02.PRS, but in this build it is its own separate file.
The Past
  • Is completely missing from this build - no data whatsoever and its level slot is actually occupied by Twinkle Circuit.


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