Sonic: North Island

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Sonic: North Island
Version: N/A
Last release: 2021-04-30
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: LuigiXHero, Ralakimus, BinBowie, Natsumi, LooneyDude

Sonic: North Island (Sonic: North Island Adventures) was the very first romhack LuigiXHero ever made.


Sonic: North Island started development back sometime before 6-23-2013 however it changed a lot over time and so i'll describe it as eras below:

E02/SonED2 Disassembly Era/Second Restart Era - June 2013-Janurary 2014

The very first version of this hack was built in Steath's E02 Sonic Example however this version didn't last long and soon switched over to Steath's disassembly that is packaged with SonED2 which needless to say meant only level design differences in the early days. The Rush Hill Zone 1 layout is still recognizable when compared to the current builds.

Third Restart - ASM Era

This was when I found the proper disassemblies and decided to switch on over so I can do stuff. This didn't really last long before I lost the files (But eventually found them again) and had to restart again. This build had the first two zones done and basically only did Retro how to guides.

Fourth Restart - SHC 2015

This was when I decided to start over due to how much better I got at making Sonic hacks and how ugly I thought the hack was looking at the time. However I didn't have much time for the contest and therefore it's pretty boring. This build only had RHS and a very short act of Sunset Park Zone.

Fifth and Final Restart Current Day - Genre shift

After SHC 2015 I played Wonderboy 3 for the first time and loved it, so I decided to completely redo Sonic: North Island into a open world exploration game like that. I have fully working doors and you can leave the zones and explore whole map but after years of barely touching the hack I decided to cancel it.



The goal of the game was to explore the world to find the chaos emeralds which would grant you a new ability per each one, which would help you find more. Before finally going to the final zone and fighting the final boss.

Other tidbits

  • This game has a fully functional day/night cycle and would've changed the levels based on if it was day or night.
  • Doors worked just like wonderboy and would've let you move between areas in the same zone or other zones.
  • Internally there is no acts, it instead uses the word in that spot to be "areas" and level code was made so it was easy to add areas.




Download.svg Download Sonic: North Island
File: snifinalbuild.7z (587 kB) (info)

Note: This is an extremely unfinished build and the game isn't planned to be worked on ever again. Some stuff may appear broken.

Prior Versions