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Secrets of Sonic Team
Current owner(s): Rlan
Type of site: Sonic Resource
Created on: February 2004
Current status: Online

Secrets Of Sonic Team is a very large information website run by Rlan, which opened in February 2004. Since its opening, it holds a massive amount of Sonic Team game advertisements and magazine scans. It is, essentially, a re-incarnation of the old Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog run by Andre Dirk; the site that later became part of the old SSRG run by Andy Wolan. Around April of 2006, Rlan announced that he would be leaving the scene due to lack of time to update and the site has since now exists in an archive format.

Around September 2008 the site went offline taking its vast amount of information with it. This was only temporary, however, and it came back online a few weeks later. Again in September of 2009 it went offline as, which hosts SOST, did not renew its domain; this was eventually corrected — however, the site was infected with some rogue JavaScript code, and consequently several browsers and services report the site as infected with malware. The malware was scrubbed off the site in Oct 2011.

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