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The following is a list of references to Sonic in militaries. As one of pop culture's most recognizable icons, facets of the world's various militaries occasionally reference Sonic the Hedgehog, often adapting its characters to serve as mascots for individual detachments.


Badge Country Type Squadron Detachment Aircraft Date Description Images
815NAS Badge UK.png United Kingdom Navy 815 Naval Air Squadron HMS Amazon (F169)[1][2] Sonic & Tails[3] 1993-06-23[3] A Westland Lynx HAS3CTS dressed in the colors of Sonic the Hedgehog on the starboard side and in the colors of Miles "Tails" Prower on the port side.[4] SegaReferences Military GB Navy Amazon Helicopter SonicandTails.jpg
AFA Badge PT.png Portugal Air Force Portuguese Air Force Academy (AFA) N/A N/A 2003-2008[5][6] The Portuguese Air Force Academy "Sónicos" (Sonics) course patch featuring artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog and that of a Chipmunk Mk 20 trainer aircraft (the primary trainer of the Portuguese Air Force Academy) alongside the motto "Quebrando Os Limites Do Céu" (Breaking The Sky's Limits). In addition to the official course patch, former students from different squadrons, especially those who graduated as pilots, created patches derived from the original to maintain and affirm their "origins".
Sónicos PT Patch (AFA, 2003-2008).jpg

Sónicos PT Patch Desert Version (AFA, 2003-2008).jpg

SónicosTransportSquadron PT Patch (AFA, 2003-2008).jpg

SónicosFighterAircraftSquadron PT Patch (AFA, 2003-2008).jpg

SónicosHelicopterSquadron PT Patch (AFA, 2003-2008).jpg
EHM Badge PT.png Portugal Navy Navy's Helicopter Squadron (EHM) NRP Álvares Cabral (F331)[7][8][9] Sonic Flight[10][11][12] 2006-2008[11][13] A Westland Super Lynx Mk.95 dressed with custom artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog alongside the motto "No Regrets", truncated from the full "...I've got no regrets".Media:Sonic Adventure Stylebook.pdf[14] This motto also appears on the official formation patchMedia:SonicFlight PT Patch full.pdf[15] alongside edited artwork from Sonic AdventureMedia:SA1 M d11.png[16] (recolored to the Flag of Portugal), seen being worn by notable Sonic Flight pilots like frigate captain Mónica Alexandra Pereira Martins.Media:SonicFlight5 Lynx Mk.25 (MónicaPereiraMartins).jpg[17][18][19] SonicFlight6 Lynx Mk.95 (F331 NRP Álvares Cabral).jpg

SonicFlight Lynx Mk.25 (F331 NRP Álvares Cabral).jpg

SonicFlight1 Lynx Mk.25 (F331 NRP Álvares Cabral).jpg

SonicFlight PT Patch.jpg