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Category: Graphics editor
Version: 1.2
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: qiuu

PlaneED is a graphical editor to edit plane mappings, created by qiuu. Sample projects for Sonic 2 are included. Projects for Sonic 1 are in development, but you can download what's done so far here. If you have any new project files, please post them in the forum!


In order to use PlaneED, several things have to be prepared. Most important here: PlaneED will terminate instantly if there's missing / wrong information! So you can't just download it and open it.

To use PlaneED, you need to run a command prompt (or create a batch) and type in PlaneEd Filename.txt. Of course you will need to create a project file containing various information (look at the sample projects and the Readme for more information. It's very highly recommended to use the sample projects if you are editing Sonic 2). If anything happened wrong, PlaneED will terminate instantly and the file stderr.txt may contain the information about the problem.

Once the program showed up you can select the tiles out of the center list and put them in the mappings box (you can select a tile for the left mouse button and the right one). By using F1-F4 you can change the palette, though it's mostly the correct one by default. Using Del you can delete the currently selected tile. With F9 you can save the mappings and with F10 you can refresh the screen, aka. reload. If you need any more instructions on how to use PlaneED, check out the enclosed Readme.



Download PlaneEd
Multiple downloads available

PlaneED v1.2 (256 kB) (info)

Prior versions

Version 1.1 has a common bug on some computers that causes it to not load the mappings properly.

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