Old Man Owl

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Old Man Owl
Species: Owl
Gender: Male
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (anime)

Old Man Owl, referred to as simply Old Man (おじさん, Oji-san ) by characters in the anime, is the President's kooky old messenger. With his age he has become a bit senile and his eyesight is very poor. He serves as the standout character and comic relief of the Sonic OVA.

Personality and traits

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When Dr. Eggman takes the President of South Island and his daughter Sara hostage, Old Man Owl is instructed to summon Sonic to the Presidental house. Instead of calling Sonic, he boards a rocket and flies to his island. As he approaches the island, the engine of his rocket catches fire. Being senile and of poor eyesight, Old Man doesn't notice until Tails flies up beside him and tells him he is in danger. The rocket nearly collides with the cliffside, but Sonic comes to the rescue after hearing Tails' cry. Old Man is in shock after the explosion, but finally regains his composure and delivers the message. Sonic asks why Old Man couldn't have simply called to let them know, making Old Man feel rather sheepish. He stays on the island to watch over Sonic and Tails' home while they leave to answer the President's summon.

The next night, Hyper Metal Sonic arrives on the island and approaches Old Man who mistakes the Metal to be Sonic. Tails and Knuckles return to the island in the morning with the Tornado and find Old Man wearing Sonic's favorite clothes. Tails tells Old Man not to blame him if Sonic gets mad at him for wearing the clothes, but Old Man explains that Sonic was there the night before and made him put them on them promptly flew away.

After Tails and Knuckles repair the Tornado they take off once again and Old Man resumes watching over the island. Later, the President picks him up on his way to the North Pole and is trapped inside the ship when they crash into the glacial bridge, jarring the door shut. The ship explodes after the fight between Sonic and Metal Sonic sends Metal flying into the windshield. Old Man and the President are rescued from the blast by Metal Sonic who drops them onto the bridge to safety.

Old Man is seen overlooking the ice bridge after Metal Sonic's demise and then piles into Eggman's ship with everyone else as they all race after Sonic.

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