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Development process

Knuckles series co-creator Toby Ascher has said that talks of the spin-off series started towards the end of production on Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It came out the crew's love of Idris Elba's voice performance and they wanted to show more of Knuckles' comedic side from the second half of the film. "We started asking ourselves, could we take some of the comedy that came from that and build it into a character study".[1]

Acting as Knuckles

Idris Elba has said its been a lot of fun for him to play Knuckles because the humor is so dry and he doesn't understand human customs. For the Knuckles series Elba got to do a lot of improve, where he will improvise the line, then say the line, usually then between them is the final line heard in the show. He enjoyed being able to sometimes say lines backwards as well. He also said he waits until the end of a recording session to create the effort sounds for when Knuckles is fighting. When asked about how long it took to record, he said there was a break between when he recorded the first three episodes and episodes four through six. During the break, animation work started to be done on the first three episodes before he recorded for the rest. Voiceover sessions would usually last four hours, then afterwards Elba would be tired out.[2]

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