Hammer Rush

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Hammer Rush
First seen: Sonic Origins Plus (2023)
User: Amy Rose
Type: Attack

The Hammer Rush[1] (ハンマーラッシュ), also known as the Rush Attack[2], is a move performed by Amy Rose in her classic appearances, and a variant of the Hammer Attack. The move was first used in Sonic Origins Plus.


The Hammer Rush is charged in a similar manner to Sonic's Drop Dash in that the player must jump, then press and hold any jump button in midair. Upon landing, Amy will charge forward at a fixed speed, repeatedly swinging her Piko Piko Hammer to attack enemies or break through certain walls. She will stop swinging after a few seconds of using the move, but will also stop if the player lets go of the jump buttons. However, the move cannot be performed if Amy takes damage before landing. If the player lets go of the button before landing, the charge will be cancelled.

Game appearances

Sonic Origins Plus

The Hammer Rush makes its debut in Sonic Origins Plus where it is usable in all four of the main games in the collection. One quirk of the Hammer Rush in Origins Plus is that while using the move, pressing Left and Right instantly makes Amy turn around on the spot without losing any momentum. If in-game cheats are used to play as Amy in Classic Mode, the Hammer Rush cannot be used due to sharing code with the Drop Dash.

Sonic Superstars

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Localised names

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Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Hammer Rush Hammer Rush
Japanese ハンマーラッシュ[1] Hammer Rush
French Ruée au marteau[1]
German Hammerwirbel[1]
Spanish Martillazo salvaje[1]
Italian Scatto martello[1] Hammer dash
Portuguese (Brazil) Investida com Martelo[1]
Polish [1]
Russian [1]
Korean 해머 러쉬[1] Hammer Rush