Final Color Blaster

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Final Color Blaster
First seen: Sonic Colours (2010)
User: Sonic the Hedgehog
Type: Attack
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The Final Color Blaster is a supercharged Homing Attack used as a finishing move by Sonic the Hedgehog against the Nega-Wisp Armor in Sonic Colors. In the Japanese version, it is called the Final Wisp Blaster (ファイナルウィスプブラスター Fainaru Uisupu Burasutā).


Before the final blow is struck against Eggman's last machine, all of the Wisps that Sonic has freed surround him. At this point, the player is prompted to used the Wisp motion as the in-game announcer shouts "UNLIMITED COLORS!". One by one, as the announcer calls out their powers, the Wisps form a circle for Sonic to jump into. Once they are finished, the player is prompted to use a Homing Attack, and can actually do so before the move is even called out. Once it connects, the boss is drained of its remaining health, and players must prepare for the final act.

In the Nintendo DS version of the game, the move functions somewhat differently. Once the Nega-Wisp Armor begins its final attack after all five Wisps are rescued, the player has to press X to activate the Final Color Blaster, then rapidly press Y in order to break through the Nega-Wisp Armor's black laser with the Final Color Blaster and win the fight. This uses up a considerable amount of Boost energy, although an ample supply is automatically given to the player to enable the Final Color Blaster. It is only with the Infinite Boost setting that the player may remain in the Final Color Blaster state indefinitely.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

The move is also used in Sonic's Figure Skating Spectacular, a Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. There, the four participating characters must use the Final Color Blaster in order to defeat Rotatatron once it has been hit 8 times to finish the event.