Cyberdyne Systems Mobius

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Cyberdyne Systems Mobius
Current owner(s): Cy-Fox
Type of site: Hosting
Created on: January. 14, 2007
Current status: Online

Cyberdyne Systems Mobius was a fan-series site created by Cy-Fox in 2006, and was the home to the RoboCop/Sonic crossover series 'Cy-Fox'. It is currently a free hosting system for Sonic sites.


In late 2005, Cy-Fox launched a forum to hold his fanfictions for his Cy-Fox fanfiction series on InvisionFree. Miles then applied for SonicStrike hosting after creating a mini-site and discontinued the old IF forum in exchange for a full IPB system, which to this day is named SkyNET Communications. The site started out as an HTML site but then moved into a MKPortal format, and finally moved to its final form in September 2007, a custom-made site engine designed by Icee of Emerald Guardian.

In 2008, it was decided that the main focus of the Cy-Fox series would be changed, and with that Cyberdyne was transitioned into Tempus Mobius and then (simply) Cy-Fox, which is hosted by FastFeet Media. The Cyberdyne site is still online, providing free hosting for those that request it.

Cy-Fox Staff - Transitioned

  • Miles the Cy-Fox - Founder/Owner
  • Icee - Website Coder, Administrative Assistant - Programming
  • gsoft - Website Coder, Administrative Assistant - Concept
  • Moddex Everest - Administrative Assistant - Concept, Lead Artist
  • The Grey Wyvern - Administrative Assistant - Concept
  • Tails0600 - Administrative Assistant - Concept
  • Miles Attacca - Administrative Assistant - Consulting
  • 'maria robotnik' - Artist
  • Rice Bowl - Artist
  • CoasterTails - Artist
  • CrimsonFox1984 - Artist
  • Fortesilver - Voice Actor

Former Staff

  • Edgewalker_001 - Internal Security Administrator - Spambot Handling
  • Echo Hawk - Administrative Assistant - Public Relations, Artist
  • Miles111/RevivalDBM - Administrative Assistant - Coding


In 2007, Cyberdyne was nominated for the Sonic Wrecks Awards, and also won 'Best Tails Site' and 'Best Other Source' at the 2007 Emerald Guardian Awards and carried on to take those same awards in the 2008 EGAs.

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