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Special stages are in very early state in the 1207 prototype. While a set of 3D layouts can be navigated, there are no objects in each stage, making it impossible to obtain Chaos Rings. The stages are endless - while a ring counter decreases, nothing happens when it gets to zero, and the maps loop indefinitely. No messages are displayed at any point either, although the stage is displayed in a slightly higher resolution than in the final game, presumably for performance reasons.

It is always player one that enters the Special Stage. While you can still throw your NPC partner into the giant ring at the end of a level, the game takes no notice, and acts as if you've jumped in on your own accord. When entering from the level select screen, the prototype only gives you 50 rings, as opposed ot the final's 200.


Chaotix1207 32X Comparison SpecialStage0.png
Prototype 1207
Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStage0.png
Final game

All stages use the same colour scheme, which is unlike any used in the final product. Some of the floors go for a semi-transparent look, which is achieved by rapidly flickering between solid and transparent colours. There are also more rotating palettes than in the final.

Chaotix1207 32X Comparison SpecialStageHole.png
Prototype 1207
Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStageHole.png
Final game

The only way to escape a special stage is to fall off it. Luckily the level design makes this very easy, as without rings and objects showing you the way, holes are not obvious.

Chaotix1207 32X Comparison SpecialStage4.png
Prototype 1207
Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStage4.png
Final game

The colour scheme makes it very difficult to navigate the more demanding stages. Special stage 4 is particualrly disorientating because most of the polygons are the same shades of pink and blue.

Chaotix1207 32X Comparison SpecialStage6.png
Prototype 1207
Chaotix 32X Comparison SpecialStage6.png
Final game

Special stage 6 is broken. The wireframe walls don't render and gameplay freezes a few seconds in. It's the only stage to have a required number of limits though - 25, which is far more than any special stage in the final game.


Chaotix (prototype 1207), prerelease version of Chaotix
Chaotix1207 4.png

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