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Category: Music editor
Version: 4.1
System: Cross-platform
Credits: Puto

xm4smps is a program created by Puto that converts songs from the XM (eXtended Module) format to the SMPS (Sample Music Playback System) format hence allowing hackers to easily put custom music in their hacks. It runs under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and pretty much any other operating system which supports Qt 3 [1], and obsoletes nineko's xm3smps. Following a precise planning, it has been released exactly one year after its predecessor (give or take a few hours), as a sort of unofficial legacy.

Created entirely from scratch, xm4smps has an interface similar to xm3smps. Internally, however, xm4smps is completely different from xm3smps. Some of the key differences to note:

  • xm4smps generates songs in ASM format as opposed to raw song binaries, though they are assembled for the convenience of the user.
  • By reading and converting each pattern of the XM separately, and comparing them individually within each channel, several optimisations can be achieved. For this reason, in about 95% of cases, a song converted by xm4smps will be smaller than the same song converted by xm3smps.
  • xm4smps is multi-platform.
  • It supports the E7 coordination flag (aka "smpsNoAttack").

Version 4.1 'beta' was released on Sep. 10 2011 to fix a bug causing it to crash on XMs created with OpenMPT 1.19+. No future updates are planned as of this time.



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Win32 binary (1.94 MB) (info)
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