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<forumuser name="Roarz" /> Roarey Raccoon is the head of Sonic Stadium Message Board (part of The Sonic Stadium network), promoted to that job in October 2005 after serving the board faithfully as an admin (and early on as a moderator) for over a year.

His actions and way of moderating has divided the members of SSMB's opinions, some complaining about him being overly strict and having a "nazi attitude", while some think that he has done what has needed to be done in order to make the board enjoyable. His reputation as a force to be reckoned with is based on his "cleaning" move in 2004, when he (together with Dreadknux) organised and executed an era when the rules of the message board were to be followed strictly, the purpose of which being to rid the board from an influx of spammers and newbies the message board had started to suffer from in large amounts, and when the level of discussion was raised in order to make the board more mature. Even though Roarey has taken a more laid-back attitude nowadays, his name is still slightly feared by some members.

His name is often confused with Roareye Black, who is also involved in The Sonic Stadium.

Brief History

  • Discovered SSMB in 2003 whilst hunting for Sonic sites, joined as a member and remained relatively idle, prefering to read rather than contribute.
  • In the time before the board was terrorised by Omega13a, the board was teeming with spammers and Roarey, known then by the alias Big_Al, made a topic about the issue to instigate changes (see below). In so doing he gained the attention of the SSMB staff at the time.
  • Before the current forum was made in 2004, following the Omega13a incident, Roarey was offered a staff job on SSMB; something he had hoped he would get. Roarey took the job and became a moderator when the new board opened in May 2004.
  • Roarey wasn't much of an admin at first, he buckled to member pressure and didn't enforce the rules. The board was growing steadily worse and this spurred him on to change his act and try to do something about it, banning many members in the process.
  • Other SSMB staffers and members didn't take kindly to his abusive attitude and methods on the forums. As a result of this, much drama ensued and many a massive argument occured.
  • In mid 2005, Roarey felt his work had paid off and, with encouragement from B'man and Dreadknux, he changed his ways again and calmed down his antics.
  • The rest is boring, he's basically still doing the admin job at SSMB and occasionally enjoys kicking off squabbles when things get rather slow and dull. For a brief period in late 2009 Roarey decided to move on from SSMB as admin; due to his indecisive nature, however, he returned a little over a month later. I just can't stay away from the place. And I hate writing in third person.
  • Time away from SSMB and drama events in late 2009 have served to revive his interest in the Sonic community and SEGA Sonic Radio, where he has been a radio show host for over two years. He is now known as Roarz, partly to prevent being confused with Roareye Black, which still happens anyway.