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<forumuser name="DimensionWarped" /> DimensionWarped (usually addressed as DW) is primarily part of the fan gaming scene. He first entered the Sonic scene in winter of 2001 through means of community websites such as Sonic Fan Games HQ and Sonic CulT, but didn't really become prominent in any particular community until he demoed a rather shabby 3D game that turned a few heads.

After tinkering with his game for a number of years, progress remained too small to justify continuing, and so when Damizean showed him an early version of Sonic Worlds--which he considered at the time to be the first really good, freely available 2D game engine replicating the original Mega Drive Sonic games--he hopped on board to help with the programming of a number of features.

While working on Worlds, DW helped Slingerland work on gimmicks for his Multimedia Fusion 1.5 engine of Sonic Nexus. Before SAGE of 2007, the Sonic Nexus project moved to Sonic Worlds and DW became a permanent member of Nexus Team. Together they released a couple demos and built up a rapport with the community as fairly competent members of the fangaming scene. It was less permanent than previously state, and as of February 2010, DW was back on the streets without a project to call his own.


  • Programming - Formally educated (Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science as of December 2010)
    • Languages: C++, C#, C, Java, basically anything with C syntax
  • 3D Modeling - Some experience, but really not much of an artist
  • 3D Level Design - a little practice
  • 2D Level Design - a little practice, a lot of time spent researching
  • Gimmick/Enemy/Activity Design - Self-appointed demagogue.

DW is also known on Sonic Fan Games HQ as a go-to guy for level criticism, giving solicited advice for Time Twisted, Crossing Ties: Emerald Fates, and some other odd number of fan-games that are currently in development hell.


  • 3D Project (2002 - 2006) (defunct)
  • Sonic Worlds (2006 - 2009) (released)
  • Sonic Nexus (2006 - 2010) (in development, no longer affiliated with)