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Ultimate Flash Sonic
Latest version: Beta
Development status: Cancelled

Ultimate Flash Sonic is an online flash game by It is based on Sonic Advance 2, with the same music, characters, and levels. The game uses passwords to continue your progress after exiting.


Playable from Start

  • Sonic
  • Tails (can fly)
  • Knuckles (who lacks gliding and climbing abilities)
  • Cream (can fly)


  • Amy
  • Shadow (can jump slightly higher than sonic but is also a bit slower.)


Leaf Forest

  • Act 1: Chill Gardens
  • Act 2: Emerald forest
  • Boss: Egg Spinner

Ice Paradise

  • Act 1: Snowy Mountain
  • Act 2: Frosty Island
  • Boss: Egg Bomber

Tips for bosses

Egg Spinner: before the pinch mode, just hit him when the ball retracts backwards. At the pinch mode, follow the ball from behind and hit him the moment it's possible then pull back right afterwards to prevent the character from getting hit. Note that the pinch mode comes after 5 hits instead of 4.

Egg Bomber: for flying characters, the boss fight is much easier. Just fly to the other side of Eggman and jump to hit him right after he releases the bomb. Because that the physics are too simple, you simply get knocked to the side you're supposed to be on. With other characters, you have to carefully move to the correct position to just hit him and not get touched by the bomb.

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  • If you jump inside a loop,It sometimes will mess up collision in some areas.
  • If you jump over the sign post in most sonic games,it will spin,but in this one,you can go over it.



If you complete the game, You will get a cheat and level select for the character you won as. Here's a list of the cheats:

  • Sonic: sonic run 2 (changes sonic's running animation)
  • Tails: tails follow (tails will follow the character you've chosen. He uses cheese's following code and never walks on the ground.)
  • Knuckles: behind (the character you've chosen will be just in front of the background and behind the walls. Note that the following character still appears in front of those walls.
  • Cream: big cheese (makes cheese HUGE and nothing else.)
  • Shadow: moon and total game completion (moon gravity)

If you input the code 595313131313131 (595 then six 31s) in the passwords, you can unlock everything. Inputting "dennis_gid" (case-insensitive, but without quotation marks) in the passwords, you'll unlock an easter egg - many "dennis_gid" texts flying over the screen.