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:[[SCHG:Music_Hacking#DAC_Samples|DAC Samples]]
:[[SCHG:Music_Hacking#DAC_Samples|DAC Samples]]
:[[SCHG:Music_Hacking#Sonic_1|Note Editing]]
:[[SCHG:Music_Hacking#Sonic_1|Note Editing]]
!Misc. Editing
|align="left" style="padding: 0.1em"|[[SCHG:Sonic the Hedgehog/Miscellaneous Hacking|Editing other things]]
:[[SCHG:Sonic the Hedgehog/Miscellaneous Hacking#Level Order|Level Order Format]]
!RAM Editing
!RAM Editing

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SCHG: Sonic the Hedgehog
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Art Editing
Editing Art
Uncompressed Art
Nemesis Format Art
Kosinski Format Art
Palette Editing
Object Editing
Editing Objects
Object Pointer List
Mappings Editing
Text Editing
Editing Text
Level Select Menu
Level Title Cards
Title Card Configuration
Credits and Presentation Screen
Music Editing
Editing Music
Pointer Format
Header Format
DAC Samples
Note Editing
Misc. Editing
Editing other things
Level Order Format
RAM Editing
Editing RAM
Main System Memory Locations
Object Status Table Format

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