Sonic X: Original Sound Tracks

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Release Info

Title: Sonic X Original Soundtrack Music from: Sonic X Composed by: Various Released: March 3, 2004 Publisher: Wave Master Entertainment Origin: Japan

Track List

SONIC DRIVE TV version Episode 1: Sonic No Tatakai [Sonic's Fight] Episode 1: Eggman Episode 1: Sonic Episode 16: Okano Ueno Shiroi Hana [The White Flower On Top Of The Hill] Episode 2: Kaiketsu Sonic [Sonic's Solution] Episode 21: Messenger Robo EGG version Episode 3: Eggman Machine Episode 1: Chris Tono Deai [Encounter With Chris] Episode 6: Hadeni Toujyou Papa To Mama [Extravagant Appearance of Mom & Dad] Episode 34: Shadow #1 Episode 32: Super Sonic Episode 34: Shadow #2 Episode 5: Emmy's Hike [Amy's Hike] Episode 20: Hasshin Eggfort [Eggfort Launch] Episode 8: X-Tornado Episode 28: Battle Episode 14: Yokattane! [All Right!] Episode 19: Obake!? No Tango! [The Ghost's!? Tango] Episode 19: Emmy's Hammer [Amy's Hammer] Episode 11: Kaitou Sexy Rouge [Mysterious & Sexy Thief Rouge] Episode 1: S-Team #1 Episode 17: Hawk (China Hen) [Hawk (Chinese Compilation)] Episode 18: Eggman No Africa Hen [Eggman's African Compilation] FTP Episode 14: Adventure Episode 14: Helen No Yuusyoku [Helen's Dinner] Episode 29: X-Tornado Battle Episode 29: Master Emerald Episode 28: Chaos Episode 4: Family Episode 1: S-Team #2 Episode 14: The Thorndyke [The Thorndyke Family] Episode 5: Tornado Kirikirimai [Tornado Going Round And Round] Episode 35: GUN Episode 26: Gattai [Coalescence] Episode 24: Dark Eggman Mi-Ra-I SONIC DRIVE Full version SONIC DRIVE Hironobu Kageyama only version SONIC DRIVE Hideaki Takatori only version