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Sonic 3 Cz
Version: 1.2.1
Last release: June 12th, 2010
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Credits: Hayate, Tiddles

Sonic 3 Customizable is a hack by Hayate which adds bugfixes and optional features to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It was inspired and based off Tiddles' hack, Sonic 3 Complete. The two hackers have agreed to share bugfixes between hacks, so see the S3 Complete page for a full list of these.

How to choose options

For technical reasons, options are chosen using a Windows executable (executables for other platforms will be made if demand arises) instead of in-game.

After downloading and extracting the zip to an empty folder, to choose your options, run customizer.exe and tell it which options you want by typing 'y' or 'n' to each prompt. As long as you specify at least one option, it'll create a s3kcustom.bin which you can load into your favorite emulator. If you don't want any options, just load s3kbuilt.bin.

List of available options

  1. add "&KNUCKLES" branding (does not work for title cards yet - only for title screen and ending)
  2. use Sonic 3 credits music in ending
  3. no fade before results screen
  4. no music after results screen
  5. use S&K B2/B3 DAC sample
  6. use Sonic 3 title screen, invincibility, one-up and game clear tracks
  7. always play Sonic 3 midboss track
  8. always play S&K midboss and Knuckles tracks (if you specify neither 7 nor 8, it plays Sonic 3 midboss for Sonic and S&K midboss for Knuckles... this doesn't seem to work for ICZ yet though, and possibly others I haven't tested)
  9. do not gain extra lives after 200 rings (the original games only let you gain extra lives for 100 and 200 rings)
  10. use original LRZ/HPZ sequence (currently this only affects whether HPZ has a score tally)
  11. disable SATSEE-style bubble bounce landing with down button

To get an identical gameplay experience to Sonic 3 Complete (but not necessarily a byte-for-byte identical ROM), enable options 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11.

Implemented features

(features that don't affect gameplay, such as alternate music, are not listed here; nor are bugfixes)

  • Gain lives for n-hundred rings, instead of just 100 or 200. Can be disabled by enabling option 9.
  • Hold Down to land or roll after doing a downwards bubble shield action instead of bouncing, like in SATSEE. Can be disabled by enabling option 11.

Implemented in minor release

Since minor releases don't come with updates to the customizer and patches, the following features aren't customizable yet but are in the latest release:

  • Amy, with no ball form (and no peel out/leap forward move), but with hammer attacks instead.
  • Knuckles + Tails and Amy + Tails partnerships.
  • New route at the end of HCZ1 and start of HCZ2 - including a brand new midboss exclusive to Amy - to allow her to complete the zone.

Non-optional features

The following features will all hopefully be selectable as options in future:

  • To transform, hold down two jump buttons at once (in the current release, this is restricted to B and C, but in future this will be any two buttons). To de-transform, use the same combination. This means Sonic can transform while he has a shield, and he can also use the instashield while he has all emeralds and 50+ rings.
  • Sonic fights the Sonic 3 final boss at the normal place in LBZ.
  • The S3 FBZ icon is used in the data select screen.

The following features are not seen as affecting normal gameplay as they involve cheats used for testing, so they will not be selectable as options:

  • Level select cheat is UpDownLeftRight on the title screen (followed by UpStart to enter it).
  • Debug mode is 01, 03, 05, 07 in the sound test.
  • All Chaos Emeralds is 02, 04, 05, 06 in the sound test; All Super Emeralds is 12, 14, 15, 16.
  • The level select has the Data Select background.

Planned features

The following will all be added as options.

  • Move FBZ in-between CNZ and ICZ for Sonic and Tails; leave it where it is for Knuckles; Amy will be able to visit FBZ at either point.
  • Rebrand LRZ2 as HPZ1; add a new, original LRZ2; add a new HPZ2 based off of Sonic 2 Beta's HPZ; redo Knuckles' ending completely.
  • Remove score and lives; add a "super time counter" to limit how long you can stay transformed, which goes up when you do various things that usually give you rings/points/lives and goes down when you die; bonus stages will be changed to Slot Machine (20-49 rings), Gumball Machine (50-79 rings) and Magnet Ball (80+ rings); to get an emerald you first need to enter the Magnet Ball Bonus Stage and climb to the top to enter the Special Stage; giant rings give you 30 seconds of Super Time instead. With all these changes, the only way to get actual "rings" will be to collect single rings or 10-ring monitors in the levels themselves, just like good old Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
  • Gain rings from killing enemies a la SATSEE.
  • Skip the score tally by pressing Start.


Download.svg Download Sonic 3 Cz
File: (2.39 MB) (info)
Current version: 1.2.1

If you want to customize this version you will need to ensure you also have the customizer which is available in the 1.0 release below. This is untested, but should work.

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