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Julie-su is a pink echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic series who originally debuted in the spin-off series Knuckles the Echidna. Like Knuckles, she is a descendant of the Knuckles Clan.


Julie-su is a former member of the Dark Legion, an opposing group to the Master Emerald guardians. She is part of their bloodline as Knuckles is part of the Master Emerald guardian bloodline. She has a half sister named Lien-da. She also is, controversially, distantly related to Knuckles, her love interest.


Julie-su's personality is not unlike that of Knuckles. She is tough and sometimes hot-headed. She also has a hard time trusting others.


Julie-su doesn't have any physical abilities but she is a master of weaponry. She usually carries around a pistol. Notably, one of Julie-su's quills seems to be bionic. The reason is unknown but she had been confused for one of Robotnik's Robians.

Love life

Julie-su is the girlfriend of Knuckles. In the 25-years later series, she is shown to eventually marry Knuckles and has a daughter, Lara-su, with him.


Some fans speculate and sometimes compare Julie-su's similarities to that of the official SEGA character, Shade, another female echidna. Both are from families who oppose Knuckles' family. Also, they both were first introduced in disguise, leaving Knuckles to figure out their true identity later on. Though, their are some notable differences as Shade is from a completely different clan.