Chicle Sonic the Hedgehog

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File:ChicleSonictheHedgehog ES Sticker Book.pdf
Chicle Sonic the Hedgehog
Publisher: Jake S.A.
Publication date: 1992
Price: free
Country: Spain
Genre: Sticker Book
Page count: 2
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Chicle Sonic the Hedgehog[1] (Sonic the Hedgehog Gum), is the name of a sticker book and respective collection of stickers, composed by 40 stickers featuring characters from the Sega Mega Drive video game Sonic the Hedgehog and an undetermined number of extra stickers featuring tips for it and its sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 2, released free of charge in Spain in 1992, as part of a sales promotion of the Chicle Sonic the Hedgehog-branded bubble gum, manufactured by Molina de Segura-based confectionery company Jake S.A.[2].

Each bubble gum contained two stickers and once collectors completed their sticker books with the 40 video game character stickers required for their completion they could redeem them for a Sega Mega Drive console with four games included or, as a consolation prize, for a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt if only one sticker was missing.

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