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TJ Davis

TJ Davis is a British singer. She started as a backing vocalist for Gary Numan, D:Ream, and Blur, and quickly developed a career of her own. She is known among video game music aficionados for working with award-winning composer Richard Jacques on the soundtracks of Sonic R and Metropolis Street Racer. She provided the vocals on the Sonic R soundtrack. She has been a member of ABBA tribute band Björn Again, performing as 'Frida Longstockin' since 1998. She released the trance single "Wonderful Life" - a cover of a 1980s pop song by Colin Vearncombe - in December 2001. It was a collaboration with trance outfit, Ian van Dahl. It reached number 42 in the UK Singles Chart.

In 2002, Davis recorded the vocals on the Sash! song, "I Believe".

Davis performed at the Summer of Sonic 2008 event, with a set list of "Diamond in the Sky", "Can You Feel the Sunshine" (both from Sonic R), "I Can Still Believe" and "Dreams Dreams" with Bentley Jones.

Davis continues to release both solo and collaborative material.

Production History

  • Sonic R (Saturn Version) (1997) — Vocals (courtesy of Freedom Management) (Sega Europe Limited) (as T.J. Davis)
  • Sonic R (PC Version) (1998) — Vocals courtesy of Freedom Management (Sega) (as T.J. Davis)
  • Metropolis Street Racer (2000)

Song Credits

Sonic R

Metropolis Street Racer

  • Am I Only Dreaming? — Vocals
  • I Can Still Believe — Vocals
  • It Doesn't Really Matter — Vocals
  • Holding On — Vocals
  • State of Mind — Vocals
  • Show Me Your Love — Vocals
  • Don't Wait — Vocals
  • You Can Love Me — Vocals
  • Time — Vocals

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