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<forumuser name="Pelord" /> A.K.A. KOHPelord. Also known as Pelkord, Perlord, and various other misspellings.


Pelord resurrected the Sonic 2 Beta page when Simon Wai disappeared from the face of the Internet for a period. When Simon returned, Pelord decided to rechristen the S2B message board after his own site, Sonic Classic.

Pelord was also a user moderator (a.k.a. Knights of Hyrule) on Nintendo of America's Official Forums (known as NSider) between June 2005 - September 2007.

Recent Sightings

Pelord can currently be found lurking around Sonic Retro. He has a personal website hosted on Sonic Retro, and can also be found posting random videos on YouTube. He is currently an administrator at NSider2, one of many replacements for the original NSider.