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  • The level as a whole has dimmer lighting than the final. This is especially obvious at the beginning of Sonic's Act 1 when you look at the sand texture.
Sonic's Emerald Coast (Act 1)
  • Is unable to be finished via normal play due to how incomplete the level is.
  • Sonic spawns in mid-air, and when he lands, the camera angle is lower to the ground than it is in the final.
  • The palm tree objects in the beginning have models that are more curved and are placed in slightly different locations.
  • The beginning completely lacks enemies and breakable table and chair objects.
  • There are no item boxes hidden at the beginning of the level.
  • There are two Rhinotanks at the beginning of the elevated bridge area instead of the one in the final.
  • The springs don't send you the correct distance, which tends to make you miss the elevated path in the second part of the level. There are also only four of them - in the final, there are five.
  • There are no spike balls in the sandy area after the first set of springs.
  • The path after the first set of springs lacks the bouncy ropes on the sides.
  • There is only one spring to get back up to the elevated bridge area - in the final, there are two.
  • There is no spring in the air before the level's first loop.
  • There is only one dash pad leading into the loop - in the final, there are two.
  • The camera has a different angle when Sonic goes through the first loop - it is pointing to the loop's right side rather than the loop's left side.
  • The first loop in the level doesn't send Sonic up as high.
  • There are Rhinotank enemies after the first checkpoint - in the final there are only Kikis.
  • There is no item capsule hidden behind the island directly after the first checkpoint.
  • The launcher after the first checkpoint doesn't send Sonic high enough, dooming him to the bottomless pit in normal play.
  • The spike walls make no sounds and bury themselves deeper into the ground upon descent than they do in the final.
  • The path after the launcher allows Sonic to run up its walls and ceiling.
  • The curved slope that leads you to the level's second loop is broken - Sonic loses all momentum after getting to it, even with the booster pad right before it.
  • The path leading directly to the level's second loop has dodgy collision on its sides, so Sonic can occasionally clip through and fall to his death.
  • The camera is completely broken before the second checkpoint - it is below the platform if not clipping through it, which makes it really hard for the player to see where Sonic is.
  • The whale sequence is not implemented yet: no whale spawns, the camera is broken throughout the entire segment, and the walkway Sonic runs on during the sequence just goes in a straight line before abruptly stopping. As a result, the act is impossible to clear in normal play.
  • The camera doesn't transition back to behind Sonic (it's still in front of Sonic from the whale sequence) until after he passes through the first spike gate. In the final, the camera immediately changes back to being behind Sonic when he reaches the final part of the act.
  • There are no item boxes on the island's east side.
  • There are no item boxes on the floating island above the island's east side.
  • There is no wind object keeping Sonic from falling off the path at the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse rails have Kikis on them where there are none in the final, while the Kiki above the entrance to act 2 is missing.
  • The transition to act 2 is not present yet.
Sonic's Emerald Coast (Act 2)
  • Sonic starts Act 2 facing away from the path.
  • There is no back wall at the entrance, just a hole in the geometry leading to a bottomless pit.
  • The first part of Act 2 is completely missing the waterfall object.
  • The wall Sonic can run on at the beginning of the stage has a different ring layout. There is also no Speed Shoes capsule.
  • The springs from the shortcut (which you get to by running on the wall) have broken distances and don't lead Sonic anywhere.
  • The area the springs are supposed to lead you to doesn't have the booster pads or the extra life it has in the final.
  • The water area on the lower path has no floating platforms, and there are three Sweeps rather than the two in the final. It is also missing the circle of rings directly after it.
  • The spike wall in the lower path has a 10-ring box after it where a Kiki would be in the final.
  • The large loop has fewer rings before it and no dash panel directly after it.
  • The launcher leading to the next part of the level doesn't work at all, making this act also impossible to complete in normal play.
  • The booster pads for the ramp in the second part of the level tend to send Sonic flying off of the ramp, which also means that the ramp's railings don't have collision.
  • The path that the ramp leads you to has no railings.
  • There is a Kiki standing in the air before the arch of rock you go through.
  • The set of rock step-like formations on the path in the final are instead a grass ramp-like formation here that is harder to traverse.
  • The camera just cuts to a new angle after Sonic goes through the small tunnel - in the final it follows him through and then swings around.
  • The act's second checkpoint is missing.
  • The platform where the second checkpoint is in the final is missing some of its railings.
  • The ramp after where the second checkpoint should be is missing all of its booster pads.
  • There is no hint orb where the numbered jump pads are.
  • The item boxes off to the left in the final are missing here.
  • There is no spring that allows you to skip the numbered jump pad sequence. However, there is still a spring in the skip sequence that will launch you to your death, should you happen to get there.
  • The numbered jump pads are arranged a little differently than they are in the final. There are also only four panels instead of five - the second panel is missing here.
  • The extra life in the alternate path for the numbered jump pad sequence is instead a ? ring capsule in this version.
  • The area Sonic ends up at after the numbered jump pad sequence has no railings or spiked gate obstacles.
  • The path before and during the level's last loop has no booster pads, and the loop itself has no pathing object.
  • The final stretch of the level is missing all rings, enemies, and decorative objects. There is also no end of level capsule here or crashed Tails, which again makes this level impossible to complete in normal play.
Big's Emerald Coast
  • This is one of the levels demonstrated in the autodemo loop.
  • Big starts out in the island cave that is secret in the final version. In the final, he starts out at the end of Sonic's first act.
  • There is a light effect object shining in from the top of the cave that is unused in the final.
  • There are no fish that can be caught here, though there are small decorative fish. Only Froggy can be caught.
  • Froggy is weak and doesn't struggle much, and Big's line is impossible to break even if the visible reel gauge hits its maximum.
  • Big cannot leave the island cave because the exit is blocked by a rock.
  • The level outside the cave is Big's level geometry but Sonic's object layout. Sonic's object layout here is actually from a later version than what is used in this build - items noted above as missing, such as the ropes on the bridge, springs, and decorative objects, are present here!


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