Game Preview - Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Sega Summer Catalogue, 1992)

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Game Preview - Sonic the Hedgehog CD is a single page preview of Sonic the Hedgehog CD in a 1992 issue of Sega Summer Catlalogue. An extremely early bonus stage is pictured, and also an early story, which seems to be made for Sonic 2.

Translated Story

Dr.Eggman is burning with the ambition of the world conquest. The peaceful world fell into chaos by Dr.Eggman and his army corps. Super hero Sonic acquired the time travel ability and he stood up to regain peace. What is ultimate weapon "DEATH EGG" ? ... What is the weak point of Dr.Eggman ? ... From the dinosaur-age to the future,Sonic and sidekick (Debut!) begin the adventure which transcended time.

Scd Sega Summer Catalogue 1992.jpg