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Zone Independent

Offset Description # of blocks
$71D8E Shield 32
$71F14 Invincibility stars 34
$7393C Super Sonic's trail stars 14
$74876 SEGA intro art 127
$74F6C Title screen art 336
$7667A Sonic and Tails title screen art 674
$78CBC Menu art 10
$78DAC Button 16
$78E84 Vertical spring 20
$78FA0 Horizonatal spring 12
$7906A Diagonal spring 32
$7923E HUD art 24
$79346 Sonic's life counter 12
$7945C Ring 14
$79550 Monitors and their contents 60
$7995C Spikes 8
$799AC Numbers 18
$79A86 Star pole 16
$79BDE Signpost 78
$7AB4A "Diving board" spring (appears in CPZ and ARZ) 28
$7AC9A Long horizontal spike (Unknown) 8
$7AD16 Bubble generator 37
$7AEE2 Character's bubbles 10
$7B400 Game Over/Time Over text 34
$7B592 Explosion 68
$7B946 Miles' life counter 12
$7BA32 Egg prison 49
$7BDBE Final end-game art of Tails 36
$7C0AA Sonic's continue icon 12
$7C20C Tails' life counter 12
$7C2F2 Tails' continue icon 12
$7C43E Various ASCII characters 88
$7C9AE Win text from 2P mode 38
$7D22C Title card art 94
$7D58A More title card art 92
$7D990 Menu box and shadow 21
$7DA10 Level preview art (from level select) 170
$7E86A End of stage text 68
$7EEBE "Perfect" text 14
These next several things are animals released by destroying a badnick or opening the Egg Prison.
$7EF60 Bird 16
$7F0A2 Squirrel 20
$7F206 Mouse 20
$7F340 Chicken 16
$7F4A2 Beaver 20
$7F5E2 Penguin 16
$7F710 Pig 18
$7F846 Seal 14
$7F962 Penguin 18
$7FADE Turtle 20
$7FC90 Bear 20
$7FDD2 Rabbit 18
Back to the normal stuff.
$81C96 Vertical red spring 18
$83BF6 Robotnik's ship 96
$84890 Large explosion 100
$84F18 Small explosion 8
$84F96 Trail of smoke used for Chemical Plant Zone and Hill Top Zone bosses 16
$8CC44 The Tornado 79
$8DAFC Clouds 18
$8E886 Robotniks' head 24
$8EA5A Robotnik 76
$8EE52 Robotnik's bottom half 28
$8F024 Death Egg 327
$90520 Tornado's rocket booster 26
$90974 End of game movie sequence 193
$91F3C Final image of Tornado facing screen 127
$927E0 Images of Tornado approaching screen 109
$92F0A Images of Sonic approaching screen and final image of Sonic facing screen 137
$93848 As above but Super Sonic 117
$93F3C Final Tails image 181
$94B28 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 logo at end of credits (if you collected all Chaos Emeralds) 72

Emerald Hill Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$8316A Buzz Bomber 28
$839EA Masher (pirahna badnick) 22
$8507C Boss 128
$85868 Chopper blades 20
$8A87A Coconuts (monkey badnik) 38
$F0160 Fireball 20
$F02D6 Waterfall tiles 24
$F052A Wooden bridge 8

Chemical Plant Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$8030A Striped blocks (Unknown) 4
$816C8 Moving cube (also appears in CNZ) 16
$82216 Large moving platform (but which one?) 10
$82364 Water line 24
$824D4 Speed booster 4
$8253C Mega Mack worm 4
$825AE Metal things (Unknown) 33
$827B8 Large moving platform (which one?) 4
$827F8 Striped blocks (Unknown) 8
$82864 Small yellow moving platform (carries Sonic over water) 48
$82A46 Moving block (Unknown) 24
$82C06 One-way tube exit spring 32
$84332 Robotnick (boss) 111
$8B430 Spiny (crawling badnik; shoots energy balls at Sonic) 32
$8B6B4 Grabber (spider badnik) 45

Aquatic Ruin Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$82E02 Water line 16
$82EE8 Leaves 7
$82F74 Arrow launcher and arrow 17
$830D2 One-way barrier 8
$86128 Boss 166
$895E4 Whisp (blowfly badnik) 9
$8970E Grounder (badnik) 50
$89B9A Chop Chop (pirahna badnik) 24

Casino Night Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$81600 "Caterpiller" platform block 4
$81668 Spiky ball from slot machine 4
$816C8 Moving cube (also appears in CPZ) 16
$817B4 Elevator 4
$81826 Slot machine cage 12
$81894 Hexagonal bumper 6
$8191E Round bumper 24
$81AB0 Diagonal impulse spring 32
$81DCC Scoring blocks (hit them thrice and they disappear) 28
$81EF2 Flippers 52
$87AAC Boss 133
$901A4 Crawl (bouncer badnik) 42

Hill Top Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$49A14 Background cliffs (dynamically reloaded) 192
$8595C Boss 107
$89DEC Rexon (lava snake badnick) 19
$89FAA Spiker (drill badnick, launches its drill bit at Sonic when he passes over/under it) 20
$F0602 Zip line platform (and possibly the line itself) 48
$F08F6 One-way door 4
$F096E See-saw 24
$F0160 Fireball 20
$F0C14 Rock (I think it's the rock that breaks when you jump on it) 20
$F0D4A Sol (Fireball-throwing badnick) 4

Mystic Cave Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$86B6E Boss 204
$8AB36 Crawlton (snake badnick) 10
$8AC5E Flasher (firefly badnick) 20
$F187E Large wooden box 32
$F1ABA Collapsing platform 26
$F1C64 Vine switch (hang on it to trigger) 16
$F1D5C Elevator vine (slowly raises or lowers Sonic) 10
$F1E06 Bridge that is opened by a vine 4

Oil Ocean Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$8007C Spiked ball (Unknown) 32
$80274 Green platform (above green flames) 6
$80376 Oil falling into oil (suppose the bottom of an oilfall?) 16
$804F2 Cascading oil (the body of the oilfall?) 13
$805C0 Ball container and ball (weird things left over from the beta) 20
$806E0 Transporter ball 53
$809D0 Collapsing platform 40
$80C64 Pressure springs 30
$80E26 Swinging platform 28
$81048 Stripey blocks (Unknown) 4
$810B8 Moving platform (moves up when Sonic steps on it) 24
$81254 Fan (blocks Sonic's passage until it turns off, or makes him float) 30
$81514 Green flames 18
$8336A Octus (octopus badbnick) 58
$8368A Aquis (seahorse badnick) 56
$882D6 Boss 181

Metropolis Zone

Offset Description # of blocks
$88DA6 Boss 124
$8AD80 Slicer (praying mantis badnick) 32
$8B058 Shellcraker (crab badnick) 36
$8B300 Asteron (exploding star badnick) 15
$F0DB6 Large, slowly spinning wheel 120
$F120E Indent in said wheel 9
$F12B6 Unknown art 8
$F1384 Steam 15
$F148E Spike 8
$F1550 "Similarly shaded blocks" (Unknown) 54
$F15C6 Lava bubble 9
$F167C Possibly a steam vent (Unknown) 4
$F16EC "Things" (Unknown) 8
$F178E Small cog (moves platforms sideways) 12
$F1870 Four identical-looking blocks (Unknown) 4

Sky Chase Zone

Offset Description # of tiles
$8A142 Bomber badnick (drops bombs on Sonic) 28
$8A362 Turtle badnick 57
$8BC16 Jet badnick 25

Wing Fortress Zone

Offset Description # of tiles
$7FF2A Boss room entry switch 4
$7FF98 Breakaway panels (Sonic hangs onto these; when he "jumps" off, they break away) 15
$8B9DC Scratch badnick (the chicken badnik) 26
$8D1A0 Wall turret 24
$8D388 Chain hook 20
$8D540 Retracting platform 54
$8D7D8 Belt wheel 16
$8D96E Large vertical laser (unused) 12
$8DC42 Boss' laser 10
$8DCA2 Catapult (throws Sonic at high speed) 5
$8DD0C Rising conveyor belt platform 12
$8DDF6 Unused badnick 12
$8DEB8 Vertical blades 4
$8DEE8 Horizontal blades 29
$8E010 Tilting platform 12
$8E0C4 Getaway ship thrust 8
$8E138 Boss 117

Death Egg Zone

Offset Description # of tiles
$8BE12 Silver Sonic 217
$8EF96 Silver Sonic fight chamber viewing window 8

Special Stage

Offset Description # of tiles
$7EB58 End of stage art, art for three emeralds  ?
$DCD68 Background art 127
$DD48A HUD art 62
$DD790 "Get Ready" text 48
$DD8CE Stars from background 37
$DD9C8 Text (use unknown) 13
$DDA7E Ring art 104
$DDFA4 Horizontal shadow (when character is level) 38
$DE05A Diagonal shadow (when character is at a mild angle) 58
$DE120 Vertical shadow (when character is running on the side of the chute) 25
$DE188 Explosion 48
$DE4BC Bomb art 80
$DE8AC Emerald art 46
$DEAF4 Text (use unknown) 99
$DEEAE Character art 851
$E247E "Tails" patterns (Unknown) 5
$E34EE Level layout 12


Other stuff.

Offset Description # of tiles
$F0B06 Burning Log? (unused, never loaded) 24