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ZERO SAdvance2.PNG
First seen: Sonic Adventure (1998)
Species: Eggman robot (E-100 Series)
Gender: N/A
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ZERO is a villainous Eggman robot which debuted in Sonic Adventure. It is a prototype of the E-Series and was initially named E-100α,[1] or Alpha (アルファ[2]). Beta is the first in the E-Series and Gamma is the second, while Alpha, as a prototype, is the zeroth.[2] Unlike other Eggman robots, it doesn't contain an animal.[1]

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

ZERO as it appears in Sonic Adventure.

In Sonic Adventure, ZERO functions as the principal foil in Amy Rose's story. The robot spends the game chasing a blue bird named Birdie who had taken refuge with the pink hedgehog. ZERO chases Amy around Station Square, finally catching up in Twinkle Park. After being imprisoned in the Egg Carrier, Amy escapes with help from E-102 Gamma and wanders into the Hot Shelter, where ZERO found her and started chasing her again. Even after Dr. Eggman had already taken the bird's Chaos Emerald and the Egg Carrier had crashed into the ocean, ZERO persistently continued its directive to chase Amy while she was searching for the bird's parents in Final Egg.

The robot functions not just as a plot device, but also as a persistent threat within Action Stages themselves, following Amy around each of her levels, and more often than not is Amy required to avoid it by using stealth or simply running away. She can attack ZERO to push it back, but hitting it too many times will make it enter an "overdrive" mode which makes Amy's attacks ineffective. ZERO is unequivocally destroyed by Amy in the boss battle at the end of her story.

Boss Fight - "ZERO"

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Sonic Advance 2

ZERO reappears in Sonic Advance 2 as the guardian of the Special Stages. Here, ZERO is known simply as Dr. Eggman's Guard RobotMedia:SonicAdvance2 GBA US manual.pdf[3]Media:SonicAdvance2 GBA UK manual.pdf[4] internationally, and Guard Robo (ガードロボMedia:SonicAdvance2 GBA JP manual.pdf[5]) in Japan.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics, there were multiple E-100 Alpha units that were created for unspecified reasons to capture a green Flicky in issue #81. Amy would confront one of them to help the Flicky, and summon her Piko Piko Hammer for the first time to destroy the robot, but was then captured by two other E-100 Alpha units and taken to the Egg Carrier.

The E-100 Alphas were later decommissioned and scrapped.

Sonic X

In Sonic X, ZERO first appeared in the episode A Chaotic Day. Its role in the series is largely the same as in Sonic Adventure: capturing Amy and Birdie (named Lily in this series) and bringing them aboard the Egg Carrier.


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