Xbox Live Avatar

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Not to be confused with the Avatar from Sonic Forces.
Xbox Live Avatar
First seen: New Xbox Experience (2008)
Species: Human
Gender: Player's choice
Height: Player's choice
Weight: Player's choice
Created by: Rare, Ltd.

Xbox Live Avatars are digital avatars that are used in the Xbox Live online service on Microsoft platforms including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Windows Phone. Similar to Nintendo's Miis, players can design what their Avatars look like and use them to represent themselves or others in various games and on Xbox Live.

Appearances in Sonic games

Avatars appear as playable characters exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Avatars are just like the Miis in the Wii version of the game in that they are silent and drive the Ava-car 720, and their All-Star Move is Party Power, which summons four Avatar friends to carry the car at high speed. They return in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, again as exclusive characters to the Xbox 360 version of the game, where their Ava-car 720 now sports a black and green paint job to resemble the Xbox 360 S console as well as looking more like an actual car, and their All-Star move shoots Xbox balls at opponents while playing a remix of the Avatar Editor/store music. While Avatars are available from the start in the first game, they must be unlocked in the second game by beating all of the Normal Grand Prix races on any difficulty.

Avatars are also playable in Sonic Free Riders, complete with their own exclusive Extreme Gear: Avatar-M for males and Avatar-F for females.

Clothes, accessories and props

Avatars can purchase or unlock certain items that relate to games. Some of these items are purchased in the Marketplace while some unique items can be unlocked once certain achievements are met in certain games.

The following games have unlockable items for Avatars: