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Windy Hill
For appearances in other games and media, see Windy Hill.
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Windy Hill
First world, Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Number of Acts: 5
Location: Lost Hex
Level themes: tropical island, underground/cave
Boss: Zazz
Non-English names:
  • JP: ウィンディヒル
Desert Ruins

Windy Hill is the first world of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. Located on the far-left corner on the Lost Hex, Windy Hill is the location where the events of Sonic Lost World begin, as Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower crash-land at Windy Hill after their recent ambush with Dr. Eggman.

Green Material can be gathered here.



The game begins with a basic tutorial that explains the Parkour system of Sonic Lost World to the player and the control scheme used for the game.

Zone 1

Like its Wii U/PC counterpart, Zone 1 of Windy Hill on the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World offers a behind-the-back perspective point-of-view level design, with a level appearance much like its Wii U/PC counterpart (with minor exceptions, such as the lack of waterfalls). The biggest change is that a selected path is the only way to go in the Zone, unlike the Wii U/PC version, in which the said version the player can go through multiple pathways. Sonic must avoid Moto Bugs, Buzz Bombers, large Sandworms, and eventually a colossal Caterkiller that chases him. The Indigo Asteroid Color Power is also introduced here.

Zone 2

Zone 2 in the 3DS version is similar to Zone 3 from the Wii U/PC version, as it is set in an underground tunnel that defies gravity and is literally a fairly straightforward Zone. Several pools of lava appear here instead of the slime puddles of the Wii U/PC version. The Red Wisp appears here, allowing Sonic to use the Red Burst Color Power, and by dipping into the lava pools while it's active, Sonic can recharge the Red Burst.

Zone 3

Zone 3 marks the first 2.5D Zone of the 3DS version, set at sunset like Zone 2 from the Wii U/PC version. The purpose of this level is for the player to familiarize themself with using parkour in a 2.5D space, as the design is primarily an obstacle course full of speed boosters, spikes and Grabbers. At certain intervals in the Zone, Zazz will show up and repeatedly toss his Moon Mech at Sonic, who must dodge the Moon Mech until the pink Zeti gets fed up and leaves.



Where Sonic begins his adventure! Windy Hill offers giant windmills to climb, huge islands to bounce between and deep, dark caverns to explore.

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    • Moto Bug - Drives along long areas of ground in 2D, but completely static in 3D. Usually moves in groups. Appears in all Zones (including Tutorial).
    • Buzz Bomber - Flying hornet-bots that buzz through the air, firing shots. Also, they may be in a steady state in 3D parts. Appears in all Zones (including Tutorial).
    • Newtron - A chameleon-like robot that materializes in certain areas and shoots projectiles (green version) at the player or falls and runs along the ground (blue version). Appears in Tutorial Zone and Zones 1 and 2.
    • Spinner - Helicopter-bats which serve as Homing Attack stepping-stones. Appears in all Zones (including Tutorial).
    • Caterkiller - A caterpillar-like robot from Sonic the Hedgehog's Marble Zone. Its body consists of prickly segments that come loose when the player hits it in the wrong place. Its weak point is the head. Appears in Tutorial Zone and Zones 1 and 2.
    • Sandworm - A caterpillar-like robot from Sonic & Knuckles' Sandopolis Zone. They come out of hatches and sometimes hide springs or other objects / items in their bodies. Sometimes they are necessary to progress in an area. Appears in Tutorial Zone and Zones 1 and 2.
    • Batbrain - A bat-like robot that attacks normally in groups in tubular areas. Appears in Zone 2.



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