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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
White Park Zone
Sonic4Episode2 WhiteParkZoneAct2.png
White Park Zone
Second Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Number of Acts: 4
Level themes: winter, carnival/casino, underground/cave, underwater
Boss: Metal Sonic
Underwater areas: Act 3
Sylvania Castle Zone | Oil Desert Zone

White Park Zone is the second Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. After making it through Sylvania Castle Zone, Sonic and Tails traverse a Christmas-themed amusement park built atop a snowy mountain.


Act 1 is set in the outskirts of the amusement park where Sonic's snowboarding antics from IceCap Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 make a brief return. The slopes are prone to lethal avalanches that will chase the player(s), while the caverns feature snowballs that must be pushed in order to proceed, building up snow and getting bigger as they roll, though some snowballs are also obstacles that will roll into the player(s) and cause damage. Thick mounds of snow will require the player(s) to use the Rolling Combo to burrow through.

The roller coaster in the distance of Act 1 becomes the forefront of Act 2, in which the player(s) will be running along the illuminated tracks at high speed, though the track itself can be hazardous as pieces of it are commonly shifting back and forth in the Act and can potentially crush the player(s). They will also switch between the background and foreground often using springs to take different routes. The music for this Act contains a segment of Twinkle Park's secondary music, "Pleasure Castle".

Act 3 takes the player(s) out of the park and through a submerged ice cave. Most of the underground sections are underwater, so keeping Sonic and Tails' air supply topped up with air bubbles is very important. Throughout the Act, Steelions will freeze the water around them, creating obstacles and blocking off paths, often forcing the player(s) to take another path. Near the end of the Act, the player(s) will need to use the Submarine Combo to get through a chamber as quickly as possible, because the Steelions will block them from the exit and force a restart.


  • Act 1 - Snow-Blind Wonderland
  • Act 2 - Sonic Coaster Rails
  • Act 3 - Labyrinth at Absolute Zero
  • Boss - Metal Sonic Strikes


A deserted amusement park created on snowy mountaintop. Sonic must overcome avalanches, race on roller coaster rails, and explore deep underground ice caves filled with water.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II website[1]


S4 Bubbles Sprite.png
Bubbles — A blue bubble Badnik used for Homing Attack chains. Red ones have retractable spikes.
Sonic4E2 Badniks ChopChop.png
Chop Chop — Fish-like Badniks that are found underwater in Act 3. From Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Fullboar.png
Fullboar — A brand-new Badnik based on a boar.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Snowy.png
Snowy — A giant polar bear Badnik. Takes three hits or a single Rolling Combo to destroy.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Spikes.png
Spikes — Hides in its spiky shell to protect itself.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Steelion.png
Steelion — A sea lion Badnik found exclusively in Act 3. They'll freeze the water around them, potentially blocking paths.


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