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Wave Cyclone
First seen: Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)
User: Sonic the Hedgehog
Created by: Miles "Tails" Prower

The Wave CycloneMedia:SonicRushAdventure DS US manual.pdf[1] (波 サイクロン) is the first watercraft which can be ridden in Sonic Rush Adventure. This speedy little jet-ski enables Sonic, Tails, and Marine to make their first tentative explorations away from Southern Island, visiting the other atolls of the Sol Dimension.

Marine is the driving force behind the heroes' decision to build a watercraft. Determined to get out into the wider world rather than languishing on Southern Island her whole life, the raccoon is in the midst of building her own jet-ski, the SS Marine, when Sonic and Tails arrive in Blaze's world. The attempt does not go well, an the heroes offer to help Marine; Tails studies her shipbuilding book on Material construction, while Sonic goes to Whale Point to acquire the necessary substances.


Sonic Rush Adventure incorporates a unique "Overworld minigame" for accessing the traditional platforming stages; this taking the form of an ocean voyage between islands, taken on whichever watercraft can best navigate the ocean conditions. The Wave Cyclone has the shortest range of the four boats, but it can surf right over the top of coral reefs which some of the larger craft find impassable. Voyages see Sonic dodging rocks in the water by moving the Nintendo DS stylus from side to side, and performing tricks on ramps by tracing the arrows on screen. The Cyclone can enter a boost mode by double-tapping the screen, allowing it to blast through mines or other obstacles.

The Wave Cyclone is also a fixture of the SRA Special Stage, which takes the form of a waterbike race against Johnny the Pirate for a Chaos Emerald prize.

Material requirements

The following Materials are required to construct the Wave Cyclone and to apply further upgrades:

Upgrade level Materials required
To build Blue Material x1
Iron Material x1
First upgrade Blue Material x3
Iron Material x3
Black Material x3
Second upgrade Blue Material x5
Iron Material x5
Black Material x5


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