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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Voxai Colony Alpha
Voxai Colony Alpha
Twelfth area, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Sector Charybdis of the Twilight Cage
Boss: Voxai Overmind
Maximum rings: 35
Voxai Colony Beta | Nocturne

Voxai Colony Alpha is one of two Voxai-occupied planetoids in the Twilight Cage's Sector Charybdis, and the second to be visited by Sonic in Chapter 9 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


The only planetoid that doesn't require the Cyclone to access, Colony Alpha is reached via a teleport gate from Colony Beta. After Thebes extracts the passcode from Thelxe's mind, Sonic and friends are able to warp straight into the central stronghold of the despotic Voxai Overmind in an effort to free the enslaved society.

Colony Alpha is brighter and more developed than Colony Beta, but retains the same iridescent blue and pink motif that characterised the first Voxai worldlet. As the focal point of the Overmind's mental influence, the place is bristling with crimson, dominated citizens, and only the power of their psychically-treated Chaos Emerald keeps the party safe. The level is totally impassable unless Shade or Shadow is in the party, to enable teleportation through the strange alien structures. The heroes must circumnavigate the level and best a puzzle in the southeast in order to deactivate the energy barrier around the Overmind's central sanctum.

At the start of the battle with Leucosia, Ligaia, and Riadne, Sonic isn't affected by their mind-control, and if the player has Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, or E-123 Omega on their team, they won't be affected either. Any other party member will be affected, uttering a brainwashed line. Shade speaks her brainwashed line whether she is in the party or not.

After the triumvirate Overmind is vanquished, Thebes arrives and installs himself as the new Overmind, promising to make Voxai society freer and more individualistic.



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