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No, I am not rewritting history. To the contrary, the history that you have on the wiki is full of incomplete data, hense why I am tryng to help out.

You could be less discrete and just say "Andy developed temporary health problems". Do you need to get into nasty details? Your comment of "you should not have said it at the time" shows a sincere lack of empathy for what I went through at the time. I don't care if you like me or hate me. Either way, the description is gross.

But if you insist on not toning down the description of my health problems, then you might as well delete my account for I will not bother contributing to your wiki anymore. -- NO_CARRIER

Contribution is by no means discouraged. However, we have an article standard that we hold in high regard, and all we're asking is that you review it and follow it. It's not much to ask.
If you can find a better description for claiming that your ass was bleeding, go for it. Don't expect to escape the infamous "bleedyass" term, though, if that's one of your goals. I'd appreciate your cooperation--if possible, try to contact me on AIM (SonicTweaker), and we can try and work something out. --Tweaker 22:50, 10 January 2008 (CST)