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Image of Glen 'Xash' Conway

Glen Conway, better known as Xash, is a professional graphic designer and internet hacker. Although he has left the Sonic Scene, he is still one of the most noticed and iconic members of the entire community, reaching an internet celebrity status during his time spent online between 2002 - 2007. His skills using Photoshop and other design software are envied by many. However, instead of being remembered for his excellent graphics he is most known for his spamming and hacking activites on many major Sonic based websites and forums which include Sonic Zone, Sonic Planet, Sonic Cage Dome, and many others. He has also been in many feuds with Staff members from various message boards, including the Sonic Stadium Message Board, although he has a good relationship with owner Dreadknux.

Scene History

Joining the Sonic Scene in early 2002, Xash first registered on the Sonic Zone Forums where he learned everything he needed to know about how message boards worked. After many arguements with the administration of the board he left to join the Sonic Stadium Message Board and Sonic Planet (later Sonic Revolution). Within the next few months, himself and fellow real life friend Valtiel began to build a great hatred against the Sonic Zone Forums, claiming it treated it's members unfair and broke it's own rules. After much debate they decieded to hack the forum and delete many of the staff members, although this was for a short period of time as the administrator quickly reclaimed control and banned them from the server.

File:Sonic Zone Hacked.jpg
SZF hacked by Xash

During 2004 and 2005 Xash became very popular within the Scene, becoming a staff member on many sites and boards for his contributions to the communities. He became an administrator of the Sonic Revolution Forums, a news posters and webmaster for Sonic Planet, a SegaSonic Radio DJ with his own show, and even managed to become a moderator on the Sonic Zone Forums. During these times he became very well known within all of the major sites, but nobody really knew that he would turn on every site he had become so popular with. Having been a staff member on so many websites, Xash has never once retired from any of his positions, instead always being sacked, not for doing a poor job but for spamming up the community.

Although he is now hated and restricted by many sites, he was once a valuable member of the community in which he visited, his main jobs helping out the newbies. He also opened many graphic topics, in which he exchanged his personally made graphic designs to other members for rings and other forum based items. He has since created his own GFX website, although the splash page is currently the only page and the release date was set earlier this year, January to be exact. It is unknown if he will continue with work on the site. He has also worked on many of his own Sonic forums over the years, all hosted by InvisionFree (ZetaBoards), the most known to be Sonic XG, which has since been removed and deleted, along with his many others. He has stated that - "All of my attempts at creating a community were gonna fail, I knew that, and so did the members, simpley because each board was a test, a BETA version of my upcoming board, which will be hosted by Invision Power Board. I will set a release for maybe 2008, I dunno, whenever I can get around to do it."


File:Valtiel Speech.jpg
Valtiel's historic MSN speech with Rusty

Described by many as a "Crafty Duo", Xash & Valtiel are the two most well known and hated people in the entire Sonic Scene to date. After they were banned from Sonic Zone's server they learned to bypass they're ban and continued hacking and spamming the board for many years, over 4 to be exact. Besides spamming Sonic Zone, they have also attacked over 20 forums and sites, including minor Sonic sites such as Dark Rush, but mostly sticking to the big ones, such as Sonic Planet, Sonic Cage Dome, Sonic Revolution, The Sonic Stadium, & have even attempted to hack the official SEGA Europe community forums.

As of 2006 the group have since stopped hacking as both have left the Sonic Scene, although Xash does make some appearences on Sonic Earth, "the new Sonic Zone". They have been asked many times by people why do they hack, and have responded with the same answer each time - "We don't hack and spam 'cause we haven't anything better to do, we have lifes, you can tell as we don't be fucking around on the net anymore as much, usually we'll be talking on MSN with nothing to do, completely bored, and then just deciede to hack for the laugh. Most of the time we hack if we're waiting on a pizza we ordered, it wastes about ten minutes, then we just give up when the bell rings. We just aren't bothered to do it unless we have to."

It is also known that Yuji Naka has heard of their activities.

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