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<forumuser name="theocas" type="game"/> Theocas (or me as I will say for now) is owner of, and I'm pretty good at ASM and art. I like working with other people and like writing guides and tutorials. I am very interested in ASM Programing, SMPS, and posting on forums. I also like porting art from different games, and I am trying to become more familiar with Z80 SMPS and porting in between the different versions of SMPS.


It started when in the December of 2009, my friend told me about Sonic 3. I did research, found it to be awesome, and got it and an emulator. We decided to open up a site about gaming. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let's start right before the site.

The Site

So, what do you do during lunch break at school? Sit around? Do nothing? Nope, you take out your laptop and code. At least I do that. My friend and I gathered around my computer to play Sonic 3 at school and had lots of fun. He asked if I could make us a site, and that's how I got detention that day. I was so busy I was a bit late. Anyways, I got home, finished off, danced like an idiot and did a 6 hour phone call with my friend. We wrote like crazy goons, and then added web shows. Blah blah, I bought us a domain, did some more dancing, and then something bad happened. Really bad. The server we hosted on had a hard drive crash, and the backups were also lost. We got new hosting, restarted, and got better at it. If you're interested, you can check the site out here.


So, I played and beat all games, and got bored of it. I put off Sonic for a while, until I learned I could change levels and sprites. I tried ESEII, and signed up at Sonic Retro and SSRG. I posted regularly at SSRG, and hope to do the same at Sonic Retro. I eventually saw hacks such as Megamix and found out about split disassemblies. I got one, went hacking, and made a horrible hack called Sonic 1 OE. I didn't do much in hacking for a while, until I was asked to be part of Team No-Name. We entered our hack into the hacking contest, and hope to release some more stuff soon.

Well, that's about all about me. If you want to contact me, don't hesitate to PM me, email me, or add me on Skype.

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