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<forumuser name="SonicVaan" /> SonicVaan (previciously known as EGGMAN) is a German member of the Sonic scene. He frequents several boards in the scene, including Sonic Retro, SSRG and the now inactive RetroHack. He also owns his own Sonic Website Sonic Games Dimension. Throughout the years he has made several of his own ROM hacks. Unfortunately, most of them were extremely buggy, with color palettes very hard on the eyes.

He is currently a member of the teams working on Sonic 1 Harder Levels Version (by Eduardo Knuckles), Team ZX (by CarrascoZX0) and Masochistic Maniacs (by Destructiox), which are currently working on hacks of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive, and several other teams.

Very far behind the scene he gains experience at ASM. He is a very experienced betatester. He tests many different hacks now, including famous hacks such as Sonic 1 Harder Levels Version, Sonic ERaZor and various other hacks.


SonicVaan originally joined the Sonic Retro forums in late 2007 under the alias EGGMAN. This would be short-lived, however, as he found himself banned by Scarred Sun for bad English and poorly-structured, rather nonsensical posts.

When Tweaker "discontinued" Sonic Megamix, he found himself rather irritated. This led him to make several videos of a beta of the discontinued hack. At SSRG he tried to make a hack called Qjimbo in Sonic 1, where Dr. Robotnik is supposed to be Tweaker. This hack eventually faded into obscurity due to its poor execution and rather juvenile basis in creation.

He started to create a hack called Sonic 1 SSRG, which is based on several facets of the Sonic Stuff Research Group community, but has been canceled since then. Besides that he works on a hack called Sonic 1: The Special Stages. Those hacks got some good feedback. He is currently in the process of creating a hack under the working title: Sonic Vista.

In the summer of 2013, SonicVaan created his very own Sonic hacking community with Green Snake titled Sonic Games Dimension.

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