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This is SSE's symbol.

About SSE

On Sonic Retro

SSE joined Sonic Retro on May 1, 2011. He has contributed his hack, Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Blitz, as well as a few minor changes in the wiki when he noticed things that were very obviously wrong. He also still corrects the wiki on occasion.

SSE as a Hacker

SSE enjoys hacking. He likes software such as SonED 2. He uses some ASM hacking, but mainly for adding moves into hacks.

Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Blitz

His first and only current hack is Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Blitz. If featured a gimmick with each Act, and featured very little ASM or sprite editing. It was discontinued due to outdated editing software, and most of its features, such as the gimmick, will be reused.

SSE as a Sonic Fan (and Gamer)

SSE is a fan of Sonic The Hedgehog. The first game he ever played was Sonic Mega Collection on his first console, the Nintendo Gamecube. Even though that is true, SSE says that Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) was the first game he played due to it being the first game he played in the compilation. At first he was rather bad at Sonic games, and video games in general (but it was his first couple of months playing games), but has become a self-proclaimed expert at video games (especially Sonic games) over the years. He never watches any of the TV shows, but is a fan of the comics, currently Sonic Universe (2013). SSE loves video games, especially Mario, Sonic, and Minecraft. I don't waste my time reading manuals!

Other Things About SSE

Currently Updated: February 2013

Favorite Sonic Game: Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3)
Worst Sonic Game:    Sonic and the Black Night (Nintendo Wii)
Favorite Characters: Shadow the Hedgehog and Super Sonic
Worst Character:     Big the Cat
Sonic Fan For:       9 Years