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<forumuser name="Robjoe" /> Robjoe is a member of the Sonic Retro forums. He is one of many sceners that currently lives in front of his computer. The only time he ever leaves is due to the point that his horrible parental units and scathingly horrible brother exist to ruin life for him.

Robjoe has been a long time scener, but unfortunately, he has yet to receive any global recognition for his works. Robjoe was instrumental in creating the Water Guide for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, in which ex-scener Katelynn wrote a much cleaner and more thorough guide on top of. He had worked with Super on a S3K palette guide, which held and explained all the palette locations within the S3K ROM, including rotating palettes as well as unused ones. However, the project was never finished and some of the work was incorrect. With the release of HivePal, however, their research was rendered easier, but inherently null.

Robjoe was one of the main layout constructors in the popular hack, Sonic Megamix. His layouts harkened much to the old Genesis layouts, balancing speed with solid platforming. A Primary concern, however, were the occasional odd tile and an enemy fetish. To fix and better some of Robjoe's worst works, scener NovaWizard was brought on the project. Together, Robjoe's layouts and Nova's layouts are balanced in Megamix, sharing about a 60:40 relationship. With Megamix's public announcement, It is confirmed that Robjoe is still with the project.

Robjoe was the first runner-up in the Blue Sphere Tournament with 2022, coming in behind Dan Genesis' unbelievable perfect streak that got him to 3001.

Robjoe is the current owner of the S3K ROM hack Sonic 3 & Knuckles Advanced, which has been discontinued due to lack of interest. The hack boasted water in many new acts including Marble Garden and Sandopolis Act 2, as well as the rustic Death Egg.

Lastly, Super and Robjoe were late to the party during the The Sonic 2 Beta Page MP3 stint, with their own series known as Super and Robjoe's Pointless Adventures. With an initial flop in 'The Agony of Ojdon', the series drew to an early end with a cliffhanger episode 2, 'The Dying Episode'. The episodes were jampacked with old scene jokes, but seemed to be dragged down due to lack of originality. However, it did boast a suitable music that was pleasant to the ears. A Third episode was always planned, and the script written, but never produced.

Super and Robjoe participated in a hack contest against each other to see who could create the best Sonic hack out of the two of them. Robjoe forfeited on Day 2. Robjoe is not currently working on anything. Lazy bastard.