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Title screen of Sonic: Scorched Quest - my main project in years 2014-2017

Um, hey? I'm Painto, a Polish Sonic hacker. I'm mostly known for leading the development of award-winning Sonic: Scorched Quest hack as well as other minor projects like Dr. Robotnik's Plan B or Sonic 2D Blast. Currently I'm not that active, but who knows...?

I'm in the hacking thingie since 2014 and I've created few hacks, most notably the mentioned Scorched Quest, but also a less sucessful and advanced Painto Edition series. After SHC2016 I've almost disappeared from the scene for private reasons, but chances are I'll be back soon, at least to contribute to the community in other ways than releasing hacks, i.e. helping people, tutorials, etc.

Besides of Sonic hacking, I'm also an admin of Polish Sonic Wiki and a YouTuber (or at least I'm trying =P).

As my symbol, I use this oval stylised to a flame, coming from Burned Edition's title card. It was made by AsuharaMoon who also provided other graphics for my hacks. Until my 18th birthday I used the original pixelated version. After that important event, I've received a "remastered" version of it from my friend, who also helps me with other stuff.

My hacks

  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Painto Edition (2013, cancelled) – old ESEII hack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, my first serious project.
  • Sonic 1: Painto Edition 2 (2013-2014, converted to Burned Edition) – random changes to Sonic 1, such as Skill Shop, HUB, etc.
  • Sonic 2: Painto Edition (2015, cancelled) – as above but with Sonic 2.
  • Sonic: Scorched Quest (formerly Burned Edition) (2014-now, paused) – my most known hack, in cooperation with Team Painto (LuigiXHero, AsuharaMoon and others). An attempt to complete overhaul of Sonic 1.
  • Sonic 2D Blast/Sonic 2 Blasted (2017, probably cancelled) – Sonic 3D Blast's Flicky-based gameplay in Sonic 2's Emerald Hill with a custom boss.
  • Doctor Robotnik's Plan B (2017, completed) – custom boss rush hack, created mainly for practice and as response to all "edited" bossfights when they really weren't.
  • Upcoming SHC18 Hack (2018) – not sure, but there's a high chance it'll happen.
  • Upcoming SHC19 Hack (2019) – not sure, but there's an ever higher chance it'll happen.

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