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<forumuser name="Oerg866" /> Oerg866 is a German scener. He is best known for his activities in the homebrew and demoscene, but also as a musician and software developer. He is fluent in 68k, Z80 and ARM assembly, as well as C, C++ and many BASIC dialects.

He joined Sonic Retro in 2006. From 2007 until 2009 he developed a modified version of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive called Sonic 1 Oergomized. In 2012 he was promoted to tech membership as a result of his Mega Drive homebrew developments.

From 2010 onward, Oerg866 has worked on Project MD, a Mega Drive game, with Sik. He wrote the entire soundtrack and co-authored the sound driver, Echo.

In 2011, together with Jorge Candeias, he released a Sega Mega Drive demo called "MDEM's first", which, even though it was mediocre and did not get much attention from outside, is now seen as the project that started the entire demoscene on this platform. Later that year, he released xm2esf, a tool that takes XM files as input and generates ESF streams for Echo.

From its founding in late 2011 until April of 2014, he hosted MDScene and VGMRips.

Based on this, MDEM started a collaborational project with TiTAN in 2012, however, as other members of MDEM had to pursue other interests, Oerg866 disbanded MDEM and joined TiTAN. The project continued under the name 'ttmd2013' and was supposed to be released at Revision 2013 in April, but it was very rough and unfinished at this point, so the release date was moved to Evoke 2013 in Cologne, Germany in August. After the failed attempt of finishing it at Revision, Sik joined the team. Other estabilished members of the group finally took proper notice of the project, and thus started learning how to code for the system. The development continued with 7 coders in total, 4 of which attended the event in Cologne. After an intense marathon, the demo was released to the crowd as overdrive and won the first place in the "Alternative Platforms" category. It became a huge success and set the bar for the entire demoscene that has evolved on the Sega Mega Drive since then. It was also the first and only demoscene production to have a cartridge release.

In March of 2014, Oerg866 released a Sega Mega Drive port of the popular internet game 2048.


... xm2esf is still the most sophisticated music tool that generates output usable by software running on the real system. Overdrive's soundtrack was made using it.

... overdrive has surpassed most top-productions of other platforms in popularity, including all but one classic ECS/OCS Amiga demo.

... Oerg866 is developing a homebrew game for the Sega Mega Drive called BeFire.



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