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Mikel is a long-time member at the Sonic Retro forums, and a member of the Sonic community from 2003 - Present. He is the creator of Sonic Zeta Overdrive, which is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

He is an intermediate at Motorola 68000 ASM, and has posted guides on how to
Sonic Retro
extend the music slots
in Sonic 1 and
Sonic Retro
Wood Zone to the final version of Sonic 2.


Early Years (1998-2004)

Mikel became a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1998, when he first watched The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Four years later, around June/July of 2002, Mikel started visiting Sonic websites, including a website in which he can't remember the name to with a page about "Sonic's 11th Anniversary". A year later, on February 15, 2003, Mikel started to visit Sonic Fan Games HQ, where he first learned about Fan games. He started to lurk at many message boards, such as SWS2B, Sonic CulT and Area 51. He later joined the Sonic scene through Sonic CulT under the name cubakaf on May 15, 2003. He stayed as an active member of the community until his account on SWS2B was deleted, on Febuary 11, 2004.

Following this event, Mikel left the community, only to return through the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Community under the name Mikel93 eight months later.

Return to SWS2B (2005-2006)

After spending some time on the SRB2 message boards, Mikel came back to SWS2B on June 13, 2005 under the name MikelAngel. Some time later, he posted with horrid grammar and spelling mistakes.

On November 26, 2005, he posted a level art contest, which ultimately failed; two days later, it was trashed. On December 3, 2005, Mikel was banned from SWS2B for both this childish act and overall inability to interact as a competent member of the forums.

After getting banned from SWS2B, he was later seen on the SSRG forums until the board backup was corrupted in 2007.

Entering the bridge (2007)

Two years after getting banned from the Sonic 2 Beta forums, Mikel joined The Glowing Bridge in April of 2007. When the board was converted to MyBB, he continued to lurk the forums until June 29, 2007, when he released Sonic Zeta DX (A shitty hack, now that he thinks of it) to the public. The release of his hack started massive amounts of controversy, as it contained stolen music from Sonic Megamix. This ultimately led to him getting banned from The Glowing Bridge the same day.

After getting banned from The Glowing Bridge, Mikel came back to the SSRG four months later under a new name, DarkGhost.

Today (2008-Present)

Mikel, circa July 2009

On Febuary 22, 2008, Mikel came back to the Sonic community through the Sonic Retro IRC channel. After being approached by Tweaker about another chance at membership, he was added to the Trial Members group. On March 9, 2008, he became a full member.

Two months following his approval, Mikel revealed his new hack to the public, Sonic Zeta Overdrive, and entered it in the Sonic the Hedgehog Hacking Contest. Even though his hack didn't win anything, it was well received by many members and praised.

On August of 2009, Mikel entered his hack again in the 7th Hacking Contest, where he won the Knuckles Trophy for the addition of Bean the Dynamite. He had also submitted his hack to the Sonic Amateur Games Expo in the years of 2008 and 2009, and he plans to enter it again just in time for SAGE 2010.


Mikel has gone through six different names in the past few years.

Current Aliases

  • Mikel - This is now his primary alias, used from Feburary 2008 - Present
  • DarkGhost - He rarely uses this alias now
  • MikelAL93 - His secondary alias, it is primary used for SNK-related communities

Past Aliases

  • Cubakaf - First alias Mikel had, used from May 2003 - February 2004
  • MikelAngel - Alias Mikel had when he rejoined SWS2B, used from June 2005 - (March?) 2007
  • Mikel93 - This used to be his primary alias in the Sonic community, he now uses it for Capcom-unity


For the past few years, Mikel has been working on a couple of projects (Mostly rom hacks).

Current Projects

  • Sonic Zeta Overdrive (Head Director, level designer, programmer; In development)
  • Unnamed Sonic 3K hack (Head Director, level designer; On hold for now)

Project Assistance

  • Sonic Thrash (ASM work (Mostly related to music))
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Redemption (Music work)

Abandoned Projects

  • Sonic Zeta DX (Head Director, programmer; Canceled)


Since joining the Sonic Community in 2003, Mikel has been a member of these forums since:

Current community status

  • Member of SSRG - (2003-Present)
  • Member of the Sonic Robo Blast 2 forums (2004-Present)
  • Member of Sonic Retro - (2008-Present)
  • Member of Sonic CulT - (2003-2004; 2009-Present)

Former community status


  • He is Cuban on his father's side, Costa Rican, and Italian on his mother's side.
  • He is one of the very few Hispanic Users in the Sonic community.

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