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<forumuser name="MikeTH" /> MikeTH isn't a very new member, but isn't that old of a member either. In the past he was mostly known as a member of SSRG, and formerly RetroHack (And was really sad to see it go). MikeTH is more commonly known as Michael B.. MikeTH is a mainly a writer, but does a little of pretty much everything. Nowadays, he isn't that active in the community.



MikeTH first became a dedicated member of the sonic community around 2005/6 at age 10 or 11, during the short period of time the Sonic Stadium forum was part of the sonic hacking community. During that time, MikeTH started a project called Mike's Sonic 2 Hack, or something of the like near the end of his short stay there. Unfortunately, this hacking project was abruptly stopped when MikeTH was banned for bad grammar/spelling.

Move to SRB2

Shortly after being banned, he decided to move to the Sonic Robo Blast 2 forums. This lasted for a few months, until eventually he got lured into hacking again. Fortunately during his stay at the SRB2 forums his grammar, and spelling improved greatly. This was highly due to the fact he was temp-banned for bad grammar and spelling.


After deciding to renter the hacking community immediately he got his ban lifted from The Sonic Stadium, to unfortunately discover that they no longer participated in hacking. Not long after that he stumbled across SSRG, and quickly submitted his new hack Sonic 2: Shiny Edition with very little to show for it. After being criticized for saying some ignorant things he soon moved to RetroHack.

Inevitably the project ended due to Art problems with EHZ, and HTZ sharing tiles. Fortunately that didn't convince MikeTH to leave the community, but he soon started a new project. This project was The Beta Testers a Joke RPG that MikeTH is still currently working on nowadays. The Beta Testers was originally only at The Sonic Cage Dome, but was soon moved to Retrohack and not to long before Sage 09, SFGHQ. Only a few weeks into development of The Beta Testers MikeTH decided to start another hacking project, this one off of Super Mario World. The hack was dubbed Super Mario World Retrohack Edition, and died with Retrohack.

Sonic Retro

MikeTH originally signed up at Sonic Retro to make a topic for Sonic 2: Shiny Edition. This idea failed when he was banned during pending approval for unimportant, and unknown reasons. Only recently has he been unbanned form Sonic Retro.


During a period of time where Retro Hack had very little activity, MikeTH took to looking around SSRG. Incidentally this was around the time Wetflame and Chaos Hedgie were banned from Sonic Retro, into which he blindly walked into the argument with minimal background knowledge of Wetflame or Chaos Hedgie. Somehow, whether it was a sarcastic move or not, Mike was immediately pulled out of limbo in the argument. Due to his lack of knowledge of the situation he ended up leaving the argument alone along with SSRG for the most part.



  • Beta Zone - The official site for The Beta testers.