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Alsot known as Kram1024. First entered the scene in late 2000, not long before the old SSRG went down. When that happened, he decided to bug Saxman about learning all they bytecodes so that he can hack a level select in sonic 2, but got an asm guide instead. Later he was sent to work with Perfect Chaos (he calls himself now Varion Icaria) to work on a hack called Sonic Cacophony. Varion at the time made him look bad, but he tried to stay loyal, later he learned a few things from Ultima in the area of asm and started doing other things with the asm knowlege he gained, such as dynamic art and music in sonic 2. He disappeared and resurfaced many times in various places such as sonic cult, digibase operations, the new SSRG (shadowsoft games ssrg), sws2b, and eventually here.