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<forumuser name="Jen" /> Jen has been in the Sonic community since January 2002, after joining the forums of Area 51 and Sonic 2 Beta at the same time. After almost a year in the scene, she co-founded the Sonic Spin forum with David.

As well as previously being active on several Sonic forums, she also has an account on deviantArt where she shares her Sonic fanart with the world (as well as taking a lot of requests from people for a while). She was nominated for the Artist Award in The Sonic Stadium's Sonic Site Awards 2003, coming in 3rd place overall.

In 2004, Jen started a relationship with fellow scener Orengefox which, due to the massive distance between them, had to stay online for a couple of years until they could meet up. After meeting up a few times, they eventually got engaged in January 2008 and then got married in July 2009. The two of them ended up running Sonic Spin together after David's sudden departure from the scene. They have since had to let the forums and site die due to lack of interest from the userbase.

In September 2013, Jen became a moderator on the Sonic Retro forums.