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<forumuser name="Hitaxas" /> Hitaxas, formerly known as lpfighter, is the creator of an upcoming ASM hack ; Sonic: Super Deformed. He has helped on hacks such as Sonic 2 EX (S.EX), Sonic 1 Project "???" and and a few other hacks (most of which were canned by their creators). He's also helped JcFerggy and DNXDelta of the SCAA with some of their compressed art (suggestions and critique). Hitaxas lurks on forums, collecting hacking information and such, waiting until his own hack is ready to be released to the public. Hitaxas spends most of his time on websites such as Sonic Sanctuary and Sonic Retro, but when he is not, he is off having the time of his life with his beautiful fiancee. (Sorry ladies and gentlemen, this one's taken)

Facts from the past

  • Hitaxas was originally known as "Flamez The Hedgehog", a horrible fan character, which was pretty much a green Shadow, with two fox tails.
  • He was also known as Lpfighter3 for a while, before disappearing for a while, to come back with a new name and a hope for a fresh start.


Hitaxas has gained quite a lot of ASM knowledge as well as improved his art skills. He planned to release a demo version of his hack in the near future.

  • Hitaxas recently lost his job...again >.>