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HPZMan is a Member on the Sonic Retro forums. He specialises in music, like creating sound drivers, doing instruments, etc. He is member of Harder Project and lead programmer on Sonic 1 Harder Levels Version leading the Harder Project with Eduardo Knuckles being the main focus of the project development, starting his activities in 2006 on lots of brazilian Sonic forums, starting important conversations and interesting discussions about mysteries on hidden and known DAC samples from some famous Sonic The Hedgehog games for Sega Genesis. Actually he is the most important part from the activities and administration of the Sonic Masters Sonic Hacking forums.

He made a tutorial on Use Dynamic Tilesets in Sonic 1 and a tutorial on how to Expand the music index to start at $00 instead of $80. Last but not least, he also created a Sound driver to hardly increase the limit of samples.