Guess Who

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Guess Who is an Administrator and Oldbie at Sonic Retro. He joined the Sonic scene at Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta in December 2003, though he had been appearing at various other places under the name SupeSonic as early as 2000 (having assumed his current moniker to disguise his identity) and had been lurking since 1999. He previously worked as the board's "skin admin" and as a half-op in the official S2B IRC channel, and also founded Sonic News Network.

His signature avatar since first joining Sonic Retro was been a piece of CG art for Sonic Heroes[1] (at the Sonic Art Archive). Though no longer found in his avatar, it was on the Skin Admin group logo when using his Super Sonic Remix skin, which was removed in July 2008.

His hobbies including writing, programming, composing music, fiddling with cell phones, and talking about male reproductive organs in the Sonic Retro IRC channel. He currently resides in Arizona.


Guess Who first joined the forums of SWS2B in December of 2003, but later joined the forums of Sonic Vegemite, Sonic World, and others. To mask his immaturity, he lied about his age, claiming to be fifteen when he was actually ten. After failing the forum's recently implemented Pending Approval system circa May 2004, he left despite being offered a second chance. About one year later he suddenly returned to the scene and has been posting since, even going as far as becoming one of the most frequent posters on the board.

Soon after the transition from SWS2B to then S2Beta, he disagreed with a decision to ban a member and requested a ban for himself. In a humorous twist of fate, he was instead turned into a co-administrator, before the boards were reverted and he was banned. His ban was later lifted.

Guess Who left the community for a year in November 2007, citing boredom and a lack of confidence with the Sonic Retro merger, only to return in October 2008. He now visits #retro and posts on the message boards regularly. In April of 2012, he was promoted to a Moderator of the forums, and then to Administrator a year later.