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drx, owner of the websites Hacking CulT and Hidden Palace, has made several contributions to the Sonic scene.

His contributions to Sonic hacking include the utility Sonic Tweaker, enabling real-time demo recording in Sonic 1, making Sonic 1 use the spike damage behavior and Spin Dash from Sonic 2, and writing a Motorola 68000 emulator.

He has also contributed to the scene through his many releases of prototypes via his site Hidden Palace. In 2006 he became widely known for the release of the Sonic 3D Beta and the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Nick Arcade prototype. In 2008 he gained even more notoriety after releasing a year's worth of Sega prototypes, amounting to over 1000, in a single day (see the February 23, 2008 Proto Release article for more info).