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DeltaWooloo (originally MGHACKS) is a hacker that started lurking around SSRG in August 2019 and then Retro in September 2019. He is someone who is learning the 68k processor and disassembles. He is currently working on Sonic ReOne with his team. He hates Sonic and the franchise in general due to the communities and games. He has always stuck to Nintendo and phone games. He also sucks at CS:GO and Minecraft so don't try and ask to fight.

Hacks he's worked on:

Sonic 1: More Edition - a hack that introduced Delta into the Sonic hacking community. The hack was mainly expo stuff such as porting music and spindash but it made him some friends around here and put him on his feet.

Sonic the Hedgehog: ReOne - a hack that was entered in SHC 2020. It included ported elements from Sonic 2 and 3, enjoyable music and platforming special stages. It had some praise from the community and fans, but critics noticed the lack of charm the hack was, how Delta was trying too hard and the level design was quite unfair. Unfortunately, he didn't win a trophy after reading the praise from the judges. This led him to discontinue his hack and move on to make his sequel.

Sonic ReOne Slim - A discontinued hack. This hack will focus on proper level design, new art, new characters with new moves, elemental shields, special stage layouts and more. Delta is working with a team and some people who he asked to help him find his weaknesses and is trying to make the hack fair and enjoyable to all critics.

Stress Free Special Stages - a hack to show Sonic 1 special stages as a platformer.

Another South Island Adventure - A level design hack to prove to the ReOne haters that yes, he can improve so shush.

Sonic 1 Wooloo-fied - Sonic 1 AIO hack he is doing as a summer hobby. Should be released by the end of 2021.

Hacks he's contributed on:

Sonic 1 by EA by VAdaPEGA - he has made a little advert when in demo mode, see if you can tell.

Cursed S3K by MainMemory - made a really cursed song for her on a boring Saturday

Sonic 2: Pink Edition by E-112-Psi - Helped him with some bugs and improving on certain areas

Sonic Ultimate Rebirth by Neo Kyu Team - team hack with a lot of features and characters

Sonic North Island by Neo Kyu Team - Sequel to Ultimate Rebirth being a Sonic 2 hack with the same goals as Ultimate Rebirth

Even though DeltaWooloo is nice, he is sticking the finger to whoever has blocked him or is toxic.