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<forumuser name="DM Ashura" /> DM Ashura has been a member of the Sonic scene since at least 2000. He has mostly watched the community from a distance, not really getting heavily involved in the forums, but he's made a few lasting contributions to the community.

DM Ashura is also well known as a musician, having created a number of tracks for the online open-source rhythm game Stepmania. Since 2006 he has started writing music for Konami's rhythm games, Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania IIDX.


DM Ashura has made quite a few lasting contributions to the Sonic scene. Among these include:

  • He created the track "Radix Run", originally for the fan game Sonic 2 Gold Edition, which was converted to Genesis sound format by Cinossu, and has since been used in a number of hacks.
  • He was behind the first known usage of markers in a Sonic engine, now widely used in Damizean's Sonic Worlds engine.